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Introducing Actioner: A new approach to how you work

Here is Actioner to rule all your work apps in Slack. Now available in public beta.

Today, we're publicly launching Actioner, a platform that fundamentally reshapes how you interact with web applications in Slack.

Actioner brings Slack-first experience at every step of your daily routine, makes you super-powered at what you do, and turns your Slack workspace into a Digital HQ. We specifically designed it for those who want more productivity and less stress. 

How many tools do you use in a day?

We're all aware of the accelerated digital transformation and how it inflated the number of tools a typical company uses to solve its needs. A typical mid-market company purchases 137 SaaS products, and the figure grows 30% annually.


More and more tools...

It's not just the SaaS tools that have inflated in number, but with so many defragmented tools getting deployed into companies, the need to solve the problems of Accessibility, Integration, and Security has grown tremendously.

All these problems resulted in growing numbers of internal tooling development, which all cascaded into work and context spreading around more and more apps, people having to jump between these apps constantly to get work done, and feeling more overwhelmed and unproductive at work.

Why did we choose Slack?

Slack has 18 million daily active users, and 156,000 organizations using it. About 80% of Fortune 100 companies rely on Slack Connect to connect with external organizations, building their Digital HQ and turning Slack into a place where work flows between people, systems, partners, and customers.

The idea behind turning Slack into your Digital HQ and having a Slack-first approach to work is enabling you to connect with your colleagues, partners and customers and use all your tools in Slack.


Right now, there are over 2400 apps available in the Slack app directory. Salesforce encourages its employees, customers, and partners to utilize Slack as a Digital HQ by enabling Slack-first sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more.

Where it gets nasty

We've mentioned that more than 2400 apps are available in Slack app directory, and Salesforce has started providing Slack-first solutions. But, Salesforce only makes them possible with its own tools or the tools built by its partners.

Some other go-to systems, like HubSpot, also have Slack apps, but again they fail to provide the ability to use the tool to its full potential inside Slack.

Existing solutions are ruled by the ones who built them. There's a fact that not every company has a straightforward and common business process, these solutions get stuck at fulfilling each unique firm's requirement. And to build an entire workflow, you still need to install multiple apps yet leave Slack to complete some steps.

PS: Slack allows users to build Slack apps, but it's just for developers.

Where does Actioner come into the picture?

Actioner lets you run any workflow inside Slack. Literally, any workflow. You can use your tech stack in Slack with Actioner. It doesn't matter if it's a CRM, ticketing, incident management, or HR tool, you can use them all right in Slack to extend their full potential.

📚 What is a “workflow”?
A workflow is an atomic unit of work that takes inputs, gets something done, and produces an output. Creating a contact in your CRM, assigning an issue to a DevOps engineer, opening a request, are all samples of workflows.

With the help of Actioner, we can now eliminate the Accessibility, Integration, and Security problems mentioned above and eradicate the need for internal tooling development and context spreading.

You can run workflows simultaneously, automate them, get notified of events occurring in your systems, and gather your team and tools in dedicated Slack channels with Actioner.

The best is yet to come…

Actioner provides a no-code Slack app builder. Not just for developers but for any knowledge worker. With Actioner, you can build your own app tailored for Slack, whether you’re an engineer, or a customer success or sales professional.

What we have done so far

In our App directory, we've published apps you can use in Slack. These are the ones the Actioner team has built from your favorite tools, such as Jira, HubSpot, Zendesk, PagerDuty and Github.


These apps have ready-made workflows you can use in Slack right away. You can use them as they are or make changes to them using the workflow designer after you install the app.

When you read "Install," I bet you wonder how much it costs. Since we're in the public beta, Actioner is available to everyone as a free platform

We've also created use cases demonstrating how Actioner adds value to your work. You can see many workflows that ease the way of work for Sales, Support, and Incident response teams. 

Our goal

It's simple what we aim for; a better working experience for us all. So we're willing to:

  • Reshape the future of work, where we can drive any process without leaving Slack.
  • Make an end to context switching and stop wasting time jumping into different tabs and tools.
  • Ensure tools that are supposed to be productive are actually productive.

We want to do those not just as the Actioner team, but together with our community. We desire our users to build and publish their own apps in the app directory and help each other by providing out-of-the-box solutions.

Our Slack community brings no-code app builders, Actioner enthusiasts, and those who want to be a part of this change together.

Actioner Slack community

💬 Ask anything and engage with our team
👥 Meet with other community members and brainstorm ideas
📣 Get notified of our special events and offers

» Join Actioner community today!

How to get started

Start by exploring our use cases here.

Or dive into our apps in the App directory and start using Actioner in Slack right away.

🎈 We can’t wait to see what you build with Actioner!
✉️ Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to chat, share your feedback and get a more in-depth demo.

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