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What's new at Actioner: June 2024 update

Discover new tools and features in Actioner's latest update to boost collaboration and productivity. Explore free Slack apps, new integrations, and workflow enhancements.

We are thrilled to bring you our latest updates at Actioner! This month, we've introduced a range of innovative apps and integrations to streamline your workflows and boost productivity. 

From new development tools to powerful productivity enhancers, let’s explore the latest additions designed to transform how your team collaborates.

Game-changing app enhancements:

Zendesk AI ticket analysis: Now in your sidebar

AI Assist for Zendesk offers automated summaries of previous ticket interactions, intent and sentiment analysis, and quick insights through ticket summaries. The brand new sidebar feature allows support agents to manually start analysis, providing an internal note with intent/sentiment analysis and a ticket summary, which can be appended or regenerated for desired details.

ZEndesk AI Assist

Amplified team recognition with Kudos

We're excited to announce new features for Kudos! Now, you can give kudos to an entire Slack group, and choose from different types of kudos to celebrate your coworkers' unique contributions. Try it today to enhance team morale even further!

kudos slack

Conversational ticketing with Zendesk enhancements 

You can now create tickets directly from emoji reactions on thread messages and configure emojis to assign, solve, and add internal notes. Additionally, the ticket and triage notification emojis are now configurable. Our new AI Assistant support and file upload capabilities further streamline your workflow, making customer support faster and more efficient than ever. Try out these enhancements to elevate your support team's performance!

New features in Jira Support Slack app for seamless support

Now, when you raise a request from Slack, the reporter is automatically set to the user who sent the message, ensuring accurate tracking. Additionally, we've added support for private channel scope, allowing you to create and manage Jira tickets within private Slack channels. Enhance your ticket management with Jira in Slack with the best Halp alternative for Jira Software users today!

A smoother Slack polling experience

You can now create, delete, and update recurring polls, and view a full list of voters via direct message for public responses. Experience faster performance in high-volume areas and enjoy improved template management with modifiable and non-modifiable options. These enhancements ensure a smoother, more efficient polling process within Slack, keeping your team engaged and informed effortlessly. Try our Slack Poll app now!

Boosted AI capabilities with GPT-4o integration

We are thrilled to announce the integration of the GPT-4o model into the Actioner platform, enhancing our AI assistants and QA nodes for more efficient and accurate responses. We believe this addition will significantly improve the performance and capabilities of your automated workflows within Slack!

Enhanced reliability with Elastic IP transition

We're excited to announce that Actioner has transitioned to using elastic IPs, enhancing our platform's reliability and scalability. Users can now benefit from a broader IP range, ensuring more robust and seamless connectivity.

Exciting new Integrations to supercharge your workflows

We're also excited to introduce new integrations to extend your Slack capabilities:

  • Notion: You can sync notes, databases, and tasks from Notion directly to Slack or any other tool using Notion integration.
  • Travis CI: The Travis CI integration boosts your CI/CD workflows, allowing you to keep builds in sync with your team and improve efficiency. 
  • CircleCI: CircleCI integration lets you get real-time updates of your pipelines and deployments, streamlining your development processes.

Leveraging our new integrations, you can enhance your existing workflows or build custom apps using Actioner. We've already harnessed the power of CircleCI and Travis CI integrations to develop the Travis CI Builds and CircleCI Pipelines Slack apps.

PS: Stay tuned for our upcoming Notion Slack app, which is currently in development.

New apps to explore:

We've expanded our app directory with exciting new additions to cater to various needs:

Developer apps:

  • GitLab CI/CD for Slack: GitLab CI/CD lets you manage builds and deployments directly within Slack, providing seamless integration for smoother workflows. 
  • Travis CI Builds for Slack:  With Travis CI Builds, you can monitor and control your CI processes from Slack, keeping your team updated on build statuses. 
  • CircleCI Pipelines for Slack: CircleCI Pipelines enables you to manage your deployment pipelines effortlessly within Slack, ensuring efficient collaboration.

Productivity enhancers for Slack:

  • To-Do Slack app: The To-Do app helps you keep your team organized by managing tasks efficiently within Slack, ensuring everyone stays on track and productive.
  • Slack Tools: Slack Tools provides a suite of features, including bulk messaging, invitations, and reply scheduling for threads, all designed to optimize communication and boost productivity within your workspace.

Bonus: Unlock seamless security with Okta authentication

We are excited to announce that Actioner will soon support seamless sign-in and login capabilities with Okta, the leading identity and access management provider. This upcoming integration will allow our users to leverage Okta's robust security features, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), ensuring a secure and streamlined user experience. Stay tuned for this powerful enhancement, and explore how it can elevate your workflow and security at Okta Integrations.

Get started today!

We’ll keep having new additions are designed to streamline your workflows and boost team collaboration. Still not an Actioner user? Unlock the full potential of these tools and integrations to elevate your productivity & Begin exploring today and transform your work experience with Actioner!

Don't forget to join our Slack community for any assistance you may need.

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