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Running ​​GitLab CI/CD pipelines in Slack made easy

Effortlessly run GitLab CI/CD pipelines in Slack with Actioner. No coding needed—initiate, monitor, and get real-time updates. Install the GitLab CI/CD app now!

Ever thought about running your GitLab CI/CD pipelines directly from Slack? No coding or complex configuration required. Discover how it works!

Typically, running GitLab CI/CD pipelines manually in Slack means creating a custom Slack app and using APIs to manage the pipelines, which involves significant effort in hosting and maintaining your code. Usually, the Slack command operates based on a single GitLab user.

With the ultimate GitLab Slack integration, Actioner simplifies this entire process. No need to build a custom Slack app or write any code. We've developed a solution that enables you to run GitLab CI/CD pipelines with our ready-to-use Run pipeline action within Slack!

Executing GitLab CI/CD Pipelines in Slack

In Slack, you can initiate a GitLab CI/CD Pipeline by typing /actioner and searching for Run pipeline action. Actioner will ask you to select a project and a branch. You can optionally enter variables as well.

If desired, you can immediately check your pipeline's status in GitLab though the View pipeline button in the notification.

What’s more, you will receive updates on your pipeline run in your DM’s and the channels you configured during setup.

GitLab Slack integration

Additional features of Actioner's GitLab CI/CD App

What you’ve experienced so far is just the beginning. This solution offers a comprehensive set of features:

  1. Notifies you when a GitLab pipeline is triggered,
  2. Allows you to monitor the status of initiated GitLab CI/CD pipelines,
  3. Lets you track the real-time status of each job, whether they succeed or fail,
  4. Correctly passes user identity to all automations initiated by user actions,
  5. Leverages Actioner's capabilities to customize the entire app and its workflows.
GitLab Slack status

Get started today

  1. Install the GitLab CI/CD app by Actioner in your Slack workspace.
  2. Once the app is installed, connect your GitLab account and select a Slack workspace in the setup screen.
  3. For receiving GitLab updates in Slack, make sure to run the setup workflows that creates webhook and the Slack channel for GitLab updates.
GitLab Slack integration Setup


  • ​To add apps to your Slack workspace, you must have the appropriate permissions. 
  • For self-managed GitLab, an administrator needs to enable the integration.

To collaborate on your Merge requests in Slack, be sure to get the GitLab MR management Slack app. If you need any assistance, feel free to join our Slack community.

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