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Freshdesk ticket notifications in Slack

Get notified in Slack whenever there is a new ticket in your Freshdesk instance.

What's it for

The integration of Freshdesk ticket notifications into your Slack workspace provides real-time updates and transparency, enabling your team to promptly address tickets and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction. With less time spent navigating between platforms, your support team experiences increased productivity and improved workflow efficiency. Utilizing Conversational ticketing can further enhance collaboration, leading to more effective problem-solving and enhanced ticket resolution.

How it works

Actioner empowers your agents to stay informed about new requests as they enter your queue. As soon as a new Freshdesk ticket is generated, your team instantly receives a notification in their designated triage channel.

The Slack post in the triage channel provides a concise summary of the ticket, including its ID, priority, status, type, requester, and assignee.

Any modifications or comments on the ticket are traceable directly from this notification.
Actioner ensures effective communication by sending thread replies for every ticket update, presenting the modified ticket field and its corresponding value.

Similarly, when a new comment is added, Actioner forwards it as a reply within the same thread, allowing your support team to seamlessly monitor the entire lifecycle of the ticket in a consolidated location.

How to get started

  1. Once you install Freshdesk app to your Slack workspace, you need to connect to your Freshedesk account.
  2. Next, you'll be creating the necessary webhooks for Actioner to track ticket events in your Freshdesk account.
  3. In the second setup workflow you'll be creating the triage Slack channel (#actioner-triage) to get ticket notifications in Slack.
  4. After your triage channel is created, your support team will start to get notified of new Freshdesk tickets there immediately.

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