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New Zendesk ticket alerts in Slack

Get notified in Slack whenever there is a new ticket in your Zendesk instance.

What's it for

Integrating Zendesk ticket notifications into your Slack workspace streamlines communication, enhances collaboration, and increases team productivity by consolidating notifications in one place.

With real-time updates and transparency from Zendesk ticket notifications in your Slack workspace, your team will be able to respond to tickets faster, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Your support team spends less time switching between platforms resulting in increase in productivity and workflow efficiency. You can improve collaboration with Conversational ticketing leading to more efficient problem-solving and better ticket resolution.

How it works

Actioner enables your agents to keep up with new requests as soon as they come into your queue. When a new Zendesk ticket is created, your team receives a real-time notification in their triage channel.

The Slack post sent to your triage channel contains a summary of the ticket, including its ID, priority, status, requester and the assignee.

New Zendesk ticket notification in Slack
New Zendesk ticket notification in Slack

Any update on the ticket or any comment added to the ticket can be tracked from this notification. With an update on the ticket, Actioner sends a thread reply showing the updated ticket field and its value.

Similarly, when somebody adds a new comment, Actioner sends it as a reply to this thread. Your support team can to track the lifecycle of the ticket from one single thread.

How to get started

  1. Install Zendesk for Slack to your Slack workspace and connect to your Zendesk account.
  2. Run setup workflows to create webhook for Zendesk and create your dedicated Slack channels. You'll start receiving notifications in #actioner-triage.

Some other handy workflows

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Get notified in Slack whenever there is a new ticket in your Freshdesk instance.


Create Zendesk tickets with slash commands

Raise requests within Slack using Actioner's shortcut or slash command.

Conversational ticketing with Zendesk

Create Zendesk tickets with ticket emoji

Raise requests in Zendesk by adding emoji reactions to Slack messages in dedicated request channels.

Conversational ticketing with Zendesk

Your gateway to seamless automation

Actioner turns the complex into simple, allowing you to connect apps and automate workflows on a grand scale, faster and easier than ever.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use this app with a different ticketing tool?

Conversational ticketing app is tailored for Zendesk. If you are using another tool such as Freshdesk or Jira Service Management, etc. you can use Actioner to build a conversational ticketing app that works with your system.

Our ticket management process includes more tools. Can I also use them with Actioner?

You can use as many tools as you want with Actioner as long as they have public APIs. You can create new connections, actions, and workflows that send data from your own tools and combine them with the existing app.

Can I use another emoji to create tickets?

Yes! You can customize your app, and change the emojis in your workflows through AppConfigs. Please check out Conversational ticketing with Zendesk help doc for more information.

How can I add new request channels?

To add new request and triage channels, you can run Set up request and triage channels workflow. After running this workflow, do not forget to invite Actioner to your new request channel! Please check out Conversational ticketing with Zendesk help doc for more information.