Other use cases

Create Jira issues with Slack emojis

Transform your issue creation process with emojis.

What’s it for?

Actioner provides a quick and easy way for your team to report Jira issues within Slack. This helps streamline the issue reporting process and ensures that issues are reported in a timely manner. By using a dedicated channel for issue reporting, it also helps keep issue-related communication separate from other Slack channels, making it easier to track and manage issues.

How it works

  1. A dedicated #jira-report-an-issue channel is created during the setup.
  2. When a team member comes across an issue, they can report it by using 🎫 emoji in the "jira-report-an-issue" channel.
  3. The reporter is prompted to create a new Jira issue and the person who added the emoji and message content are automatically filled in as the reporter and summary fields.
  4. The Jira issue is then created with the details of the message, including the message text.
  5. The team member who reported the issue is automatically added as a reporter to the Jira issue, so they can receive updates on the issue's progress.
  6. The Jira issue key is then shared back in the Slack channel, allowing team members to easily reference and track the issue. In addition, the Slack message link is added to the Jira issue, enabling bidirectional tracking.

How to get started

To begin using Actioner’s Jira app in Slack,

  1. Sign up to Actioner.
  2. Install Jira app to your Actioner workspace.
  3. Connect to Jira and Slack.
  4. Proceed to setup workflow Create channel to report a Jira issue. Type the prefix for the channel where you want to get the status of an issue. Note that if you do not enter anything, the new channel name becomes #jira-report-an-issue.

Some other handy workflows

New Jira issue notifications

Get Slack notifications for new Jira issues.


Manage and track issues in Slack

Track and manage any update on Jira issues without leaving Slack.


Dedicate Slack channels for critical Jira issues

Create Slack channel from Jira issue. Collaborate with your team on critical issues with real-time updates.


Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to connect multiple Jira projects?

Yes, during setup you can re-run the action named Select channel for Jira notifications by selecting your project and the Slack channel you want to get notified of new issues.

If you want to connect another project after setup, follow below steps:

  1. Call Actioner app in Slack.
  2. Start typing Select channel for Jira notifications.
  3. Run this action by selecting your project and your Slack channel.
Does it work with Jira Work Management and Jira Service Management projects?

This app currently supports Jira Software and Jira Work Management projects. We’ll be introducing a new app that connects Jira Service Management projects.

What is your pricing plan?

Please check out our pricing page for further details on different subscription options.

Can I customize the Slack notifications?

Yes, you can use Actioner’s no-code designer to customize the content of notifications and actions you can run through them.

Is it possible to change the emoji for reporting Jira issues?

Yes, you can navigate to Workflows tab of Jira app installed in your Actioner workspace and find the workflow named Create channel to report a Jira issue and update it with your preferred emoji in Emoji field.