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Utilize AI for leave management in Slack

Request leave, check employee profile, and more just by instructing Actioner in Slack.

What’s it for

Actioner’s AI agents for leave management allow you to save time and speed up your leave management process. 

Do not waste your time looking up your leave policy rules and entering the fields individually – just instruct Actioner what you want to do in Slack.

How it works

You just type what you want to do in Slack, and Actioner’s AI agent suggests the desired workflow depending on your message.

Requesting leave in Slack with natural language

You or your employees can easily request a leave of absence in Slack by typing their leave details by mentioning @Actioner on the designated AI channel. 

When you send the message, the AI agent processes your message and sends the rules of your leave type, suggesting the Request leave workflow as a smart button. After that, you can click the button, edit the details in the request leave form, and send it.

Access info in Slack with natural language

Similar to requesting leave, all you need to do is mention @Actioner and type whether to check the profile of a specific employee or list the employees you manage. Actioner will suggest Check profile or List employees workflows according to your prompt.  

How to get started

  1. Install the Time-off app from Actioner App directory.
  2. Connect your Slack workspace.
  3. Choose a Catalog app for user and team operations. 

After the app setup is completed, you can start using the AI agent on the designated AI channel by mentioning @Actioner in your message.

Some other handy workflows

Request leave in Slack

Easily request PTO, vacation or sick leave in Slack.


Check team member absence in Slack

Find out who is absent, what type of leave team members requested, and how long it will last.


Approve and decline leave requests in Slack

Respond to team member leave requests without leaving Slack.


Your gateway to seamless automation

Actioner turns the complex into simple, allowing you to connect apps and automate workflows on a grand scale, faster and easier than ever.

Frequently asked questions

What is Catalog app? Do I have to use it for Time-off app?

The Catalog app is designed to simplify the storage and management of user details within your Slack workspace. It's a central repository for various user-related information that can be utilized by multiple apps. One such app that makes use of Catalog is Time-off.

Time-off relies on Catalog for handling user and team-related operations. Specifically, Time-off focuses on storing and managing leave-related information for users. Meanwhile, Catalog stores a broader range of generic user details that can be leveraged by various apps beyond just Time-off.

Before you can use Time-off to manage leave requests and related details for a user, you must first create or store that user's general information within Catalog. Once the user's information is created in the app, it can then be seamlessly added on to Time-off for specific time-off management purposes.

Can I implement different leave policies for different offices or teams?

You have the flexibility to apply multiple leave policies on App config. Once you've set up these policies, you can then use the Assign policy to employees workflow to allocate a specific policy to individual employees based on their location, seniority, or department.

Can I define unique leave types with distinct rules?

Yes, you can customize leave types and their rules to suit your organization's needs. Simply create a copy of your leave policy in Documents tab, or modify the properties for existing ones. After making your adjustments, be sure to apply your changes.

Is it possible to change leave notifications and AI Agent channels?

Yes. You can run Configure settings workflow to change both leave notifications and AI Agent channels. You can also choose to send a notification to when the channels are changed to notify users in your Slack workspace.

Is it possible to turn on and off leave notifications?

Yes, you can easily enable or disable leave notifications from the Settings config. This functionality also provides you with the flexibility to choose on which channels you receive notifications related to leave requests.

What is the AI agent, and how does it assist in leave management?

AI agent acts as a virtual assistant for your leave management tasks. When you send a message to the AI agent channel, the AI Agent springs into your policy to assist you. You can also ask agent to suggest you a workflow that suits to your message. For instance, if you ask Check Amy's profile, AI agent replies to your message including a button that guides you to the workflow matching your query. Moreover, if you include parameter details in your message, such as Request PTO for 2 days the AI Agent will automatically fill in parameters for your requests and streamline the process of managing leave requests and inquiries.