Track and manage sick leaves, PTOs, vacations, and more with Actioner’s Time-off app for Slack.

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Manage and track employee leaves in Slack with Actioner. Start using the app in Slack immediately after you install it. Actioner provides an AI-powered time-off management tool that can be used without leaving Slack. Say goodbye to the stress of unaddressed time-off requests! Manage the leaves in your company with Actioner for Slack. Easily create leave policies, assign managers, and gain the power of quick and fast leave management. With Actioner’s Time-off app, you can effortlessly track PTOs and vacations through Slack, create unlimited leave policies according to your needs, and utilize the power of AI for your leave management. ## Features - **Request leave and relax:** Easily submit your leave request directly within Slack and send a reminder to your manager until they respond. - **Plan your leaves beforehand:** Review your upcoming leaves, your leave history, and the number of leave days you have left. Access your teammates' upcoming leaves, helping you plan your own more effectively. - **Cancel your upcoming leave:** Cancel your upcoming leaves hassle-free. When you cancel a leave, the days you had requested return to your balance as if you never requested the leave in the first place. - **Create diverse leave policies:** Create a policy document within the app and assign the employees to the leave policy you want. You can define a wide range of leave types with unique limits and rules. ## How it works Once you set up the app, everyone is notified to input their hiring date and approver. These details are essential for leave processing for users to create leave requests. Actioner lets you manage multiple types of leave requests based on your preferences. For example, if sick leave is set to auto-approve, it gets approved instantly. Or, if paid leave requires a 5-day notice, Actioner will not allow team members to request for the next four days. After verifying your preferences, Actioner determines your eligible leave days based on workdays and holidays. Finally, it shows the details of your leave and asks for your confirmation. If you confirm your request, Actioner notifies your approver and asks for a response. You can return to the request leave screen and start over if you need clarification on your leave. You can also run **Request leave**, **Check profile**, and **List employees** workflows using Time-off’s AI Agent. Just mention @Actioner in the dedicated AI channel and type what you want, such as “@Actioner, I want to get time off next Tuesday for my planned surgery.”. Actioner will handle the rest for you!


Check request history and upcoming leaves of absence

This workflow enables you to check request history and upcoming leaves of absence.

Update employee details

This workflow enables you to update an employee's time-off-related details.

List employees as Admin

This workflow enables you to list employees with more information than "List employees workflow". It also offers an option to update user details after you list them.

AI Agent of time-off

This workflow enables you to control AI agents. You can call the agent in your designated channel by mentioning Actioner (@Actioner).

Assign policy to employees

This workflow enables you to assign employees to the selected leave policy.

Remind approver to respond a request

This workflow reminds approvers to respond to their pending leave requests.

Cancel upcoming leave

This workflow enables you to cancel an upcoming leave.

Add employees from Catalog

This workflow enables you to add employees from a pre-selected Catalog app. It also DMs the users about the Time-off and asks them to complete their time-off-related details.

Check profile

This workflow enables you to check your profile details, leave balance details, and leave history with the option to cancel upcoming leave requests.

List employees

This workflow enables you to list employees. You can list your teammates and employees that you are responsible for.

Decline leave request

This workflow enables you to decline a leave request.

List leave requests of an employee

This workflow enables you to list the leave request of an employee.

Confirm the leave request

This workflow enables you to confirm a leave request after you check your day amount in the "Request leave" workflow.

Configure settings

This workflow enables you to configre app settings.

Approve leave request

This workflow enables you to approve a leave request.

Calculate unused leaves and update passed over

This workflow calculates the unused leaves and updates the passed-over balance when the employee earns additional leave balances.

Send notification to leave channel

This workflow enables you to send a notification to the leave channel one day before the leave start date.

Request leave

This workflow enables you to request leave.

Get started

This is the setup workflow. It adds to users from the Catalog app and configures app settings on behalf of yours. You can disable this workflow after you complete the setup.

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