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Leave management use cases

Manage employee absences and leave requests without leaving Slack. With Actioner, you can easily track PTOs, request sick leave, approve vacations, and so much more in Slack.

Request leave in Slack

Easily request PTO, vacation or sick leave in Slack.


Check team member absence in Slack

Find out who is absent, what type of leave team members requested, and how long it will last.


Approve and decline leave requests in Slack

Respond to team member leave requests without leaving Slack.


Cancel upcoming leave requests

Change of plans? Cancel your upcoming leaves effortlessly in Slack!


Employee time-off Slack reminders

Track absences of your coworkers directly from Slack.


Frequently asked questions

What is Catalog app? Do I have to use it for Time-off app?

The Catalog app is designed to simplify the storage and management of user details within your Slack workspace. It's a central repository for various user-related information that can be utilized by multiple apps. One such app that makes use of Catalog is Time-off.

Time-off relies on Catalog for handling user and team-related operations. Specifically, Time-off focuses on storing and managing leave-related information for users. Meanwhile, Catalog stores a broader range of generic user details that can be leveraged by various apps beyond just Time-off.

Before you can use Time-off to manage leave requests and related details for a user, you must first create or store that user's general information within Catalog. Once the user's information is created in the app, it can then be seamlessly added on to Time-off for specific time-off management purposes.

Can I create different leave policies for different offices?

Yes, You have the flexibility to add multiple leave policies through Documents and then create individual leave policy configs in the App config. Once this is done, you can execute the Assign policy to employees workflow to allocate a policy to your employees.

Can I add different leave types with different rules?

Absolutely. To either introduce new leave types or modify the rules for existing ones, navigate to the relevant document in Documents. Here, you can either define your new leave type or make adjustments to the existing ones, and then save your changes. Then, return to the configuration section and click on the 'Generate with AI' button. And remember to also include your new leave type in the Leave types table found in Tables.

Is it possible to change leave notifications and AI Agent channels?

Yes. You can run Configure settings workflow to change both leave notifications and AI Agent channels. You can also choose to send a notification to when the channels are changed to notify users in your Slack workspace.

Is it possible to turn on and off leave notifications?

Yes. You can run Configure settings workflow to on and off leave notifications.

What is AI Agent?

AI Agent serves as an assistant for your leave management tasks. The AI Agent handles your queries when you mention '@Actioner' in your message, such as ' @Actioner check James profile.' Once you've asked your question or made a request, the AI Agent responds under your message with a button that guides you to a workflow that matches with your query. Furthermore, if you mention parameters parameter details in your message, the AI Agent will automatically fill in those parameter fields for you.

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