Available now: JOBS by Actioner!

Actioner is now presenting a brand new feature: Jobs! The easiest way to streamline your one-time or recurring tasks through smart Slack notifications.

We’re delighted to announce that we added a new cool feature to the Actioner platform: Jobs

Jobs lets you run actions and workflows automatically at a specified time or at specified recurring intervals. You can configure as many jobs as you want to automate your one-time tasks or recurring tasks for intervals such as every day of the month, specific hour of every weekday, before the end of every quarter, and so on.

Example Slack notifications sent by Actioner
Example Slack notifications sent by Actioner

What you can build with it

Here are some examples of what use cases you can support with jobs: 

  • Remind the scrum team of stale issues in a sprint a day before the end of the sprint. 
  • Send meeting minutes reminder notification to Slack 15 minutes after the completion of a meeting. 
  • Send reminder notification to a deal owner 2 days prior to the deal closure date. 
  • Schedule a meeting on the first working day of each month. 
  • Send Slack notification as a reminder to fill out a recurring agenda. 
  • Check Airtable records daily and send Slack notification on specifics of the data. 
  • Start deployments of the website on a daily schedule.
  • Send a sequence of personalized onboarding emails to all new users during their trial phase. 
  • Set Slack status on an automatic daily schedule.
  • Send Slack notifications to remind the bills of the upcoming month. 
  • Add tasks to a Trello board every month, 
  • Start/stop AWS ECS2 instances on a daily schedule. 

Want to learn more?

To learn more about using Actioner Jobs, be sure to read our docs, where you can learn the following:

How jobs work

How to create a scheduled job

How to create a recurring job

Recurring and scheduled jobs in Actioner
Recurring and scheduled jobs in Actioner

Get started for free

Jobs by Actioner is free to use during our beta (and will always have a generous free tier, during the beta and beyond)*.

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