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What's new at Actioner: Apps, features, and integrations update

Discover new tools and features in Actioner's latest update to boost collaboration and productivity. Explore free Slack apps, new integrations, and workflow enhancements.

At Actioner, we continuously evolve to provide our users with innovative tools that streamline collaboration and boost productivity. We are excited to share some recent updates introducing new apps, features, and integrations to our platform. 

Let's explore what's new at Actioner and how these additions can enhance your workflow.

Apps now available for free:

In our commitment to supporting productive and positive work environments, we are pleased to offer two of our popular Slack apps for free:

  • Kudos Slack app: Kudos enables team members to express appreciation for each other's contributions directly within Slack, fostering a culture of recognition and positivity.
  • Trivia Slack app: Designed to bring fun and learning to the workplace, the Trivia app allows teams to engage in trivia games, encouraging team bonding and knowledge sharing.
  • Celebrations Slack app: Celebrations allows your team to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and custom special days right in Slack with lively GIFs, thoughtful birthday cards, timely reminders, and much more!

New apps to explore:

We've expanded our app directory with new additions to cater to various needs:

1. Azure DevOps Boards for Slack: 

With a seamless Azure Slack integration, Azure DevOps Boards app allows you to manage your team projects and collaborate more effectively without leaving your Slack workspace.

Create and get updates of Azure work item updates in Slack
Create and get updates of Azure work item updates in Slack

2. Email for Slack: 

Email for Slack integrates email communication directly into Slack to streamline your messaging. With this app, you can send emails to and from Slack and route specific emails to dedicated Slack channels for efficient communication and collaboration.

3. AI Assist for Zendesk: 

The AI Assist for Zendesk app revolutionizes customer support by providing agents with tools to understand and address customer needs more effectively. With features like automated ticket summaries, intent and sentiment analysis, and a knowledge hub of resolved tickets, the app enables support teams to tailor their assistance to individual customer needs, streamline ticket resolution, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Zendesk ticket sentiment, intent, and summary
Zendesk ticket sentiment, intent, and summary

4. Jira Worklog Reporter: 

For teams using Jira & Slack, Worklog Reporter offers an easy way to track and report the time spent on tasks, ensuring accurate time management and reporting.

5. Meeting Assistant for Slack: 

Meeting Assitant app provides you with tools to organize and manage meetings within Slack, making it easier to schedule, prepare for, and follow up on meetings.

New feature: HTTP node in Actioner workflows

We're introducing a powerful new feature to enhance the capabilities of Actioner workflows: HTTP Node. 

With the HTTP node in our Visual Workflow Designer, you can now make HTTP requests to any endpoint. This node opens up many possibilities for integrating external services and APIs into workflows, enabling you to fetch data from third-party services, post information to web servers, or interact with RESTful APIs seamlessly.

New integrations with Google workspace:

We are excited to announce new integrations with Google Workspace, making it easier for you to connect Actioner with your favorite Google tools:

Google Workspace integrations
Google Workspace integrations
  • Google Sheets integration: Seamlessly integrate your Google Sheets with Actioner to automate data management and reporting.
  • Google Chats integration: Bring Google Chats into your workflow for enhanced communication and collaboration within your team.
  • Google Docs integration: Streamline document creation and sharing by integrating Google Docs with Actioner.
  • Google Calendar integration: Sync your Google Calendar with Actioner to effortlessly manage your schedule and events.

At Actioner, we are dedicated to empowering our users with tools that make collaboration and productivity effortless. We hope you enjoy exploring these new additions, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Don’t forget to join our Slack community & Stay tuned for more updates, and happy collaborating!

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