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Reveal Retrospective notes in Slack

Reveal and view retrospective notes with one click in Slack.

What’s it for

Retrospective app empowers the session host to reveal and harness collective insights shared by the team during the meeting. It streamlines the process of identifying valuable patterns and trends in team feedback to drive actionable improvements.

How it works?

The session host, typically the team lead or Scrum master, initiates the reveal after the team has shared their individual insights during the retrospective.
Like any other actions, revealing notes is also done through using smart action buttons in the notification sent by Actioner when the dedicated channel is created.

Revealing retro notes in Slack

When the Reveal notes button is clicked, a pop-up form appears, allowing the host to select a specific topic that aligns with the insights shared by the team. 

After selecting the topic and revealing the notes, Actioner automatically sends all the notes related to the chosen topic to the dedicated retrospective channel.

Reveal retrospective notes in Slack
Reveal retrospective notes in Slack

Team members can then see all the insights related to the chosen topic, enabling them to identify patterns and areas that require attention.

During this phase, duplicate insights can be marked by the facilitator, streamlining the discussion. Additionally, valuable insights can be converted into actionable items to be addressed in future sprints.

Revealed retrospective notes in Slack
Revealed retrospective notes in Slack

How to get started

  1. Install Retrospective app to your Actioner workspace.
  2. Call Actioner by typing /actioner in Slack and select the Create Retrospective workflow to create a new Retrospective session. 
  3. After participants enter their notes, click the Reveal notes button.

Some other handy workflows

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Your gateway to seamless automation

Actioner turns the complex into simple, allowing you to connect apps and automate workflows on a grand scale, faster and easier than ever.

Frequently asked questions

Can I customize the retro templates in the Retrospective Slack bot?

Certainly! In the Actioner Retrospective App, you have the freedom to customize retrospective templates to precisely match the requirements of your team or project. While the app provides pre-existing templates like “Starfish retrospective” and “Sailboat retrospective,” you also have the flexibility to create and utilize custom templates that align seamlessly with your specific objectives.

Is Retrospective Slack bot suitable for non-software projects?

Absolutely! While the Actioner Retrospective App was originally created with software development teams in mind, it’s highly versatile and can be effectively used for retrospectives in any project or team collaboration setting. In fact, you’ll find pre-existing templates, such as SWOT analysis, available within the app. Additionally, you have the ability to add your own custom question options, allowing you to tailor the retrospective to your specific needs and kickstart your sessions seamlessly.

Can I create different retrospectives for different teams?

Yes, you can. You can customize retrospective sessions to meet the unique needs of different teams, allowing you to create and manage separate retrospectives for each team, ensuring that the process aligns with their specific goals and requirements.