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Transform your team culture with Peer feedback on Slack!

Transform team collaboration in Slack with streamlined feedback processes, AI-assisted responses, and improved team growth. Read to learn more!

Hello everyone! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest app on Actioner.com – Peer feedback

Ready to transform how your team collaborates in Slack, shares insights, and grows together?

Let’s get started:

What is Peer feedback, and why did we build it?

Peer feedback is an app tailored for Slack. It's crafted to encourage and facilitate a culture where feedback is welcomed and becomes a cornerstone of team development and collaboration.

We built this solution, recognizing the need for a more streamlined, integrated approach to giving and receiving feedback. Traditional methods can be cumbersome and disconnected from our daily workflows. Peer feedback bridges this gap, fostering a supportive environment where team members can grow together directly within Slack.

Easily request, give, and view feedback in Slack

Peer feedback simplifies the way you engage with feedback within your team. Here's how you can utilize its key functionalities:

Requesting feedback: With the Ask for feedback workflow, you can smoothly initiate requests for feedback. Simply select your desired peers within Slack, and they will be notified - a straightforward process for you to seek valuable insights.

Giving feedback: When someone requests feedback from you, as mentioned above, Actioner sends you a DM together with the Give feedback smart action button. Clicking through it, you can provide your feedback quickly within Slack. 

Alternatively, you can call Actioner in Slack (type /actioner and hit Enter) and run Give feedback workflow; you can share your constructive thoughts and insights with coworkers whenever you want. 

Viewing feedback: The Show your feedback workflow allows you to monitor the feedback you have received effortlessly. Viewing received feedback is a crucial part of your journey towards personal and professional development within your organization, giving you an easy way to monitor progress and areas for improvement.

Let AI assist you

We understand that finding the right words for feedback can be challenging. That's why Peer feedback includes an AI-assisted feature. Peer feedback helps you craft impactful and constructive feedback, ensuring your messages are appropriate and conducive to positive growth. You won’t struggle anymore phrasing your thoughts – AI will make your feedback-giving journey much easier.

Get started today:

Just follow these simple steps to begin using Peer feedback;

  1. Install the app: First, install Peer feedback from Actioner.com.
  2. Connect to Slack: Connect the app to your Slack workspace.
  3. Start using workflows: Begin with running the Ask for feedback, Give feedback, Show my feedback, and (for admins) Show feedback workflows right from Slack.

Embrace the power of effective communication and continuous improvement. Get Peer feedback today and enter a world where feedback is seamlessly integrated into your team's daily routine!

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