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Introducing the Actioner-hosted no-code database to power your apps

Actioner-hosted databases are now available! Get started with our powerful no-code databases and build apps by simply adding your data, connecting to your workflows and apps, and sharing with your collaborators.

Today, we’re introducing a new option to store and manage data for your Actioner apps: an Actioner-hosted database, which comes with a spreadsheet interface to update the database schema and manage your data.

Actioner database allows you to create data stores to save, edit, access, and share the data needed to run your apps. When your app needs somewhere to store data, whether it’s for caching purposes or long term storage, the best place to do this is in an Actioner database. Starting by today, you can build fast, secure and scalable apps with Actioner Database.

A powerful no-code database out of the box

Building Slack apps should be fast and easy, regardless of whether you have any data storage available. But what happens in reality is, if you need to go beyond simple use cases, data storage becomes a necessity. Without data storage, your data is typically scattered across multiple lightweight tools and duplicate spreadsheets. Eventually, you need to consolidate that data to find the hindered insights and relationships within, and to learn more from it. In that case, you’d either go with a traditional database or use some spreadsheet solution for consolidating the data. The problem with traditional databases is, you need developers to be able to use them, which makes the solution very costly and that’s the reason why a lot of teams turn to spreadsheets instead. Unfortunately, spreadsheets like Google Sheets can be just as painful as they typically lack the ability to support complex automation and business logic.

Today, we’re introducing a dead-simple no-code database built into Actioner to solve this problem. You can get right to building apps by simply adding your data, connecting to your workflows and apps, and sharing with your collaborators.

Data table records in Actioner
Data records in Actioner

With Actioner Database, you can:

  • Create new database tables from scratch in minutes
  • Build apps for any use case while editing the data model at the same time
  • Manage your database schema and data visually through a spreadsheet-like interface—add new columns and rows, and edit in a few clicks
  • Query your data easily through a SQL-like query language 
  • Easily control user access with permissions built into your apps

How safe is my data?

Actioner Database is fully managed by our cloud provider. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Actioner uses multiple levels of redundancy, which include continual backups of all data. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please get in touch.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about using Actioner Database, be sure to read our docs, where you can learn the following:

Get started for free

Actioner Database is free to use during our beta (and will always have a generous free storage tier, during the beta and beyond)*.

Sign up today to get started building Actioner apps!

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