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How to run Bitbucket Pipelines in Slack (The quickest method)

No overwhelming configuration is needed; run Bitbucket Pipelines in Slack effortlessly in no time.

To manually trigger Bitbucket Pipelines within Slack, the standard process involves setting up a Slack app and utilizing API-driven actions to run a workflow. This method can be quite demanding as it requires considerable effort to host and keep your code updated. The Slack command created will only run the pipeline as it is tied to a specific Bitbucket user.

With Actioner, you no longer need to worry about the challenges of building a custom Slack app or writing code. We have created a solution that transforms Bitbucket Pipelines into easy-to-run workflows within Slack, making the setup process smoother and simpler than ever before.

Step 1: Bitbucket Pipelines App for Slack SETUP

We'll start by converting a pipeline into a Slack workflow.

  1. Go to Actioner app directory and locate Bitbucket Pipelines app.
  1. Next thing you need to do is to install the app - make sure you're signed in.

 PS: No need to enter any payment method etc. it’s completely free now 😉 

  1. Once you have installed the app, you need to connect with your Bitbucket user account and select your Slack workspace.

We can start to make some magic now! 🧝🏻♀

Step 2: Running Bitbucket pipelines in Slack

Since you’re all set, and created your workflow to run pipeline in Slack, let's see how it works!

  1. Call the Actioner app in Slack.
  1. Find Run pipeline from the workflow list.
  2. On the prompted form, enter the parameters for your workflow that you’d provide to run the same pipeline manually in Bitbucket. And ta-da!
  3. If you want, you can check your freshly run pipeline in Bitbucket right away.

Other features of Actioner's Bitbucket Pipelines app

What you've just viewed is just a mere sample of what's in store for you. This app provides additional features:

  • Notifications whenever a Bitbucket Pipeline runs,
  • The ability to monitor the status of triggered pipeline,
  • Keeping track of each individual job's progress through live updates on their success or failure,
  • Proper transmission of user identity to all automations initiated by user action,
  • Flexibility to customize the entire app, its workflows, and workflows according to your needs with Actioner capabilities.

Explore use cases for Bitbucket Pipelines, find out how to get started with this app today.

Are you using Jira? We also built Jira app for Slack; check it out ➡️.

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