Streamline your GitHub workflow: Get updates in Slack with Actioner

Get GitHub updates in Slack with no code required using Actioner. You'll receive notifications on pull requests, comments, check suits, and GitHub Actions workflows, and collaborate more efficiently with your team.

Are you tired of constantly switching between GitHub and Slack? We're here to help.

You’ll now see how to keep up with GitHub updates without leaving Slack using Actioner.

And you will not need any overwhelming configuration.  (Yes! No code required.)

Let’s get started:

First things first 

First, I need to tell you about Actioner a bit, just a few words for you to picture it in your mind because Actioner allows you to get GitHub updates on Slack. 

So, Actioner has an app directory full of Slack apps, and these apps connect your tools (such as GitHub) with Slack. You can customize them all or build a Slack bot on your own using Actioner. 

For different phases of your software development, you might need to install multiple apps. Keep in mind that you can control those apps through one app (Actioner) in Slack.

PS: Actioner is free till June 2023. Check pricing for further information.

Since you’re using GitHub, you can install GitHub Pull request management or GitHub Actions workflows apps from the app directory.

Let’s get started with the first one.

GitHub Pull request management for Slack

As it’s obvious from the app’s name, this solution is tailored for GitHub pull requests, and it’s designed to keep you and your team updated along the PR process

Let's see when and how you will be notified. 📣

New Pull Request in GitHub 🆕

When you have a new pull request in GitHub, you will be notified with all the details of the new PR as soon as it's created in a Slack channel dedicated to the new PR. Actioner automatically creates it, invites the assignee and reviewers, and notifies you of the details right away.

PS: The channel is ephemeral and gets archived when the PR is merged.

That way, you and your team can easily collaborate and get updates on the new PR right in Slack. Pretty neat, huh?

New PR comments notifications 💬

You’ve learned that Actioner creates an ephemeral Slack channel for a pull request. Again in this channel, you can receive notifications of new comments on a GitHub PR in Slack.

That way, you can stay up-to-date and quickly respond to feedback or questions. It's a great way to keep your team in the loop and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Bonus: Vice versa, when you send a message to the dedicated channel, you can turn it into a GitHub comment using 📌emoji!

Check suit results 🧵

As soon as the PR channel gets opened, Actioner notifies you if the check suit results are completed and informs you in the message thread whether they fail or succeed. That way, you can quickly address any problems that arise and take action right away.

Well, what do we have now?

An ephemeral Slack channel for each pull request in GitHub. And notifications for new pull requests, comments, and check suit results

What about when PRs get merged? Your teammates should hear the great news (and keep their branches up-to-date). So let’s move on to the next notification.

New commits notifications🚀

When you set up the GitHub PR management app, Actioner creates a #broadcast channel to inform the rest of your team about code changes. And in this channel, you will be getting notifications about new commits pushed to the main branch any time a PR is merged. 

Learn how to get started with this app ▶️

These are the notifications you’d receive when you install the GitHub PR management app. So, let’s see what’s waiting for you in GitHub Actions workflows.

GitHub Actions workflows for Slack

This app is designed to let you track the status of GitHub Actions and workflows.

Using this solution, you’ll get notified of manually run workflows: 

Triggered, in progress, completed

GitHub Actions workflows dedicates a Slack channel to Actions and workflows. Whenever you trigger a workflow manually, Actioner sends a notification with the results to your preferred Slack channel. 

Slack notifications for GitHub Actions workflows
Slack notifications for GitHub Actions workflows

It also sends a direct Slack message to the team member who triggers a workflow, whether in GitHub or in Slack. 

You can track the live status of each individual job - whether they succeed or fail- under the thread message.

Bonus: You can quickly run GitHub Actions in Slack without any additional configuration using Actioner.

Learn how to get started with this app ▶️

Wrapping up

So this is how Actioner notifies you about GitHub updates.

Have you tried to get GitHub notifications in Slack?

If yes, how did it go? Which updates did you need to get notified of?

Let’s have a chat in our community.

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