No time wasted: How to run GitHub Actions workflows in Slack

‍No coding, no extra configuration required; convert GitHub Actions workflows into ready-to-run actions in Slack.

To run GitHub Actions and workflows manually in Slack, typically, you need to create a Slack app and build actions through APIs to run a workflow, requiring you to make lots of effort to host and maintain your code. The Slack command you created runs the workflow based on one specific GitHub user.

Actioner now takes this burden off your shoulder. You don’t need to build a custom Slack app or code anything. We’ve developed a solution that converts GitHub Actions and workflows into ready-to-run actions in Slack!! And the setup is easier than anything you’ve seen before.

1-Turn GitHub Actions workflows into ready-to-use actions

We’ll start with converting workflow into an action that can be run in Slack. 

  1. The first thing you need to do is to go to Actioner app directory and find GitHub Actions and workflows app.
  1. Then click install (You need to be signed in to install)

 PS: No need to enter any payment method etc. it’s completely free now 😉 

  1. After you install the app, you need to connect to your GitHub user account in the appearing setup screen.
  2. And now, here's where the magic happens 🧝🏻‍♀️You need to run the 2nd setup action named “Create action for GitHub workflow”. You just need to select your repo and the workflow. It will dynamically generate an action for the selected GitHub workflow.

💡To convert more workflows into ready-to-use actions, re-run this action with selecting your other workflows.

2-Run GitHub Actions workflows in Slack

Since you’ve created your action to run a workflow in Slack, now it’s time to see it in action! 

  1. Go to Slack, call Actioner app, and type the name of your workflow. Select your workflow from the actions Actioner automatically suggests.
  2. On the prompted form, enter the parameters for your action that you’d provide to run the same workflow manually in GitHub. And ta-da!
  3. If you want, you can check your freshly run workflow in GitHub right away.

Other features of Actioner's GitHub Actions workflow app

What you’ve seen is just a glimpse. This is a more comprehensive solution. 

  • It notifies you when a GitHub workflow runs,
  • Allows you to see the status of the triggered GitHub Actions workflow,
  • Enables you to keep track by getting the live status of each individual job, whether they succeed or fail,
  • Properly passes user identity to all automations triggered by a user action,
  • Brings the flexibility of Actioner capabilities to customize the entire app and its actions and workflows.

Check use cases for the GitHub Actions workflows and learn how to get started.

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