Other use cases

Unassigned leads in HubSpot

Get notified in Slack when a contact or company is unassigned.

What's it for?

From now on SDR teams are informed if there are any potential buyers wandering around. With unassigned lead notifications, allow none to slip through your fingers. Make sure your outbound and inbound efforts are not wasted, and all your leads are assigned to an SDR and avoid missing any opportunity.

How it works

Actioner sends a message to #leads channel and notifies the SDR team when a contact is updated with no owner, ensuring that no big or small potential buyer falls through the cracks.

Notifying your team when there is a lead that is not assigned any SDR is a great starting point, but what really enables them is the option to run the next best action directly from the Slack notification. Actioner's unassigned lead notifications suggest smart actions to be run directly on the notification. You can assign a new owner to an unassigned lead or update its status right in Slack.

Typical results from using Actioner's Slack-first sales automation with HubSpot include faster response times, increased lead conversion rates, and better work rates.

HubSpot event

Company property changed

Suggested actions

  1. Update owner
  2. Update status

Some other handy workflows

New HubSpot deal in pipeline

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Slack-first sales with HubSpot

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use this app with a different CRM other than HubSpot?

This app is particularly designed for HubSpot, but you can easily adapt it to work with any other CRM with public APIs. Add a new connection for your tool, and update the actions and workflows accordingly.

Our sales process includes more tools. Can I also use them via Actioner?

You can use as many tools as you want with Actioner as long as they have public APIs. You can create new connections, actions, and workflows that send data from your own tools and combine them with the existing CRM app.

Is it possible to use this app for only specific use cases?

Yes! You can disable or delete the actions that you do not want to get notifications for.