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Trello card Slack notifications

Connect your Trello board with Slack & Keep track of new cards with smart Slack notifications.

How it works

When a new card is created in one of the Trello boards, you get notified on #actioner-trello-notifications channel for new Trello cards.

  • This notification includes details about;
    • Card name and card link
    • Board name
    • List name
Trello Slack notification
  •  You can also use take action on Trello cards directly from this notification:
    • Update card: Allows you to update card details.
    • Add checklist to card: Allows you to add a checklist to the card.
    • Archive card: Allows you to archive the card.

Actioner continually updates the card notification to reflect any changes. Additionally, it sends relevant notifications, such as new checklist items or comments, as new replies under the original message in Slack. 

How to get Slack Trello notifications

To get Slack notifications for new Trello cards;

  1. Install Trello board management app from the Actioner App directory. 
  2. Connect to your Slack and Trello workspaces.

Click Get started. A Slack channel will be created with the name #actioner-trello-notifications - in which you’ll get all Trello board updates.

Some other handy workflows

Trello checklist Slack notifications

Keep track of Trello board checklists in Slack with real-time notifications.

Trello board management

Checklist item Slack notifications

Keep track of Trello board checklist items in Slack with real-time notifications.

Trello board management

Create cards in Slack

Create Trello cards without leaving Slack. Fill out the card details; board, list, name, etc, leave the rest to Actioner.

Trello board management

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