Other use cases

Deal rooms in Slack

Gather all stakeholders in a dedicated Slack channel and collaborate on your deal from all angles.

What's it for?

Deal rooms allow you and your team to work on a deal with different subject matter experts, and take a 360-degree look at your clients. Expedite the deal decision-making process by Actioner deal rooms. Bring all relative data from your favorite apps.

How it works

Deal rooms are a clear fan favorite and something you should set up for your team today. They drive collaboration, visibility, and organization around a team’s most important accounts.

Actioner creates a dedicated Slack channel when a deal's amount increases to 10,000 (USD), or more and invites deal owners, sales managers, and all related people to this channel. You can set Actioner to create a deal room automatically for deals equal to or more than an amount of your choice.

Deal rooms can be automatically created for deals over a certain amount or can be manually created by running deal room workflow - for any important deal in your pipeline. Note that, you can set Actioner to create deal rooms for deal's with the amount that

Deal rooms give your team access to everything it needs to close a deal and grow an account, right in Slack. Your teams can quickly catch up with the summary of the deal and immediately understand context, keep track of the deal's progress by getting notified when important fields change or when there is key news, or run smart actions in Slack, such as updating deals, logging meetings, adding new tasks and notes, entering next steps to be taken.

If your sales and success teams are focused on closing and growing key deals, superpowered Slack deal rooms is a feature your team needs to have.

Typical results from using Actioner's Slack-first sales automation with HubSpot include more accurate forecasting, increased deal velocity, time savings, and greater visibility across your organization.

HubSpot event

Deal property changed

Suggested actions

  1. Update deal
  2. Log meeting
  3. New task
  4. Next steps
  5. Add note

Some other handy workflows

New HubSpot deal in pipeline

Get notified in Slack for new deals in HubSpot.

Slack-first sales with HubSpot

Slack notifications for new leads in HubSpot

Get notified in Slack when a new contact is added in HubSpot.

Slack-first sales with HubSpot

New company assigned

AE or CSM to get real-time Slack alerts when a company is assigned to them in HubSpot.

Slack-first sales with HubSpot

Frequently asked questions

Can I use this app with a different CRM other than HubSpot?

This app is particularly designed for HubSpot, but you can easily adapt it to work with any other CRM with public APIs. Add a new connection for your tool, and update the actions and workflows accordingly.

Our sales process includes more tools. Can I also use them via Actioner?

You can use as many tools as you want with Actioner as long as they have public APIs. You can create new connections, actions, and workflows that send data from your own tools and combine them with the existing CRM app.

Is it possible to use this app for only specific use cases?

Yes! You can disable or delete the actions that you do not want to get notifications for.