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Competitive analysis & product development inspiration

Enhance the efficiency of monitoring and analyzing competitor strategies within your product, marketing, or business strategy team Slack channels.

What’s it for:

The competitive analysis involves monitoring competitor activities, strategies, and benefits from diverse perspectives. The traditional methods of tracking competitor information can be time-consuming and disjointed, and markets and strategies can change rapidly. 

Dedicating a Slack channel to competitor activities is crucial, and together with the Bookmarks app, you can improve your team’s ability to track and assess competitor activities. 

Integrating Bookmarks with your Slack channel, you can share and discuss competitors' content, such as websites, press releases, or news articles, to maintain an organized view of the competitive landscape. 

How it works:

  1. Using Actioner's extension, team members bookmark web pages or articles that provide insights into competitors’ strategies, actions, or market performance.
  2. These bookmarks are automatically sent as messages to a chosen Slack channel focused on competitive analysis.
  3. While bookmarking, team members can add their personal comments, noting key competitive insights, potential impacts on the market, or implications for their strategies.
  4. All team members have direct access to these bookmarks in the Slack channel, enabling easy reference and review of the collected competitive intelligence.
  5. The team can run the List bookmarks workflow in Slack to filter the saved bookmarks efficiently. 

You won’t just improve the process of competitive analysis but also enhance the team's ability to remain agile and informed in a rapidly evolving market.

How to get started

Install the Bookmarks app and Extension Gateway app from the Actioner app directory. After that, you also need to get the Actioner extension

Once you connect your apps, you can select the Slack channel dedicated to your team’s competitive research. After these, you can start sending your bookmark to the channel where you communicate and collaborate with your team.

Some other handy workflows

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Actioner turns the complex into simple, allowing you to connect apps and automate workflows on a grand scale, faster and easier than ever.

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