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Slack-first collaborative estimation

Assign and comment on issue estimates, view contributors, reveal votes, and much more in Slack.

How it works

After a Planning poker game is created, and issues to be estimated are added to the session by clicking the Start game button, the issues are sequentially sent to the channel for estimation, initiating the process.


Participants click the Estimate button to assign an estimation and provide comments for each issue. The available estimation options are listed based on the choices made during game creation.

Viewing participants

The View participants button lets you see who contributed to the estimation for a particular issue.

Revealing cards

The game host clicks the Reveal cards button when all necessary participants have voted. This workflow sends a message to the issue's thread, showing who voted and their comments. Additionally, the average estimation is added to the issue details.

💡 The host can configure who can reveal cards in Game settings.

Reveal planning poker cards in Slack
Reveal planning poker cards in Slack

Setting final estimation

After revealing cards, a Set final estimation button appears on the issue's thread. The host can use this workflow to set the final agreed-upon estimation for the issue.

Skip issue

If an issue needs to be revisited later, there is a Skip option; once selected, estimation continues with the next issue. The skipped issue is returned for estimation at the end of the session.


In cases where a consensus cannot be reached on an issue's estimation, the Re-estimate button is used. This restarts the estimation process for the issue.

Re-estimate issues in Slack
Re-estimate issues in Slack

How to get started

  1. Install Planning poker app to your Slack workspace.
  2. Type /planning in Slack and select the Create game workflow to create a new Planning poker game. 
  3. Once a dedicated channel is created, you can start the game and collaborative estimation with your team.

Some other handy workflows

Play Planning poker in Slack

Create planning poker game in Slack and collaborate in dedicated channels.

Planning poker

Manage Planning poker issues in Slack

Add, remove, track any issue in planning poker game right in Slack.

Planning poker

Monitor game progress and results in Slack

View estimation reports in Slack for an accurate planning.

Planning poker

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Frequently asked questions

Can I customize the estimation options in Planning Poker for Slack?

Yes, you can choose from various estimation options like Fibonacci, T-shirt sizes, and even create custom estimation options to suit your team's preferences and needs when creating a new Planning Poker game.

Can I use Planning Poker for estimating non-software tasks in Slack?

Yes, Planning Poker can be used for estimating any type of task or project, not limited to software development. It's a versatile estimation technique applicable to various domains.

Can I integrate the Planning Poker App into my own project management tool?

Yes, you can. We currently support integration with Jira. If you are using a different project management tool other than Jira and would like to connect it, please feel free to contact us.