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Elevate teamwork with Actioner's Slack Planning poker bot. Hold Planning meetings in Slack, effortlessly estimate and boost project success!

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Experience a new dimension of collaborative estimation with Actioner's Slack Planning poker bot. Designed to enhance team engagement and decision-making, this app simplifies the estimation process, fostering transparency and accuracy in project planning. 🃏 **Effortless estimations:** Streamline task estimation with intuitive and interactive Planning Poker sessions. 🚀 **Optimize project planning:** Enhance project management by accurately assessing task complexity and prioritizing effectively. 🔍 **Team transparency:** Foster openness and alignment among team members through real-time estimation insights. 🧑‍💻 **Collaborative dynamics:** Encourage active participation and discussions, driving collective problem-solving. ## Features 📢 **Engaging sessions:** Host sprint planning poker sessions directly in Slack, facilitating participation and estimations. ✅ **Anonymous estimations:** Allow team members to submit estimates privately, minimizing bias and influencing. 🔥 **Consensus building:** Utilize collaborative discussions to align estimations and reach a consensus. 🔎 **Simplified tracking:** Easily review and compare estimations for better decision-making and planning. ## How it works Actioner's Slack Planning poker app involves several key workflows. First, you initiate a session by calling Actioner in Slack and selecting **Create game** workflow. You can select which channel to invite team members to join the new game channel. Team members can add their issues and once the game is started, those issues are sent to the channel. Participants can quickly provide estimations and add comments to them. Then the cards get revealed🃏. Finally, the process wraps up with an effortless comparison, enabling your team to review and compare estimates, and empowering you to make well-informed decisions for project planning. **Integrate with Jira**: If you want to seamlessly integrate Jira with Planning poker, follow these steps: - Install the [Jira software]( from the app directory. - Set your site URL in the **siteUrl** field in the app configuration. - Configure your estimation field to the designated **planningPokerEstiomationField** in app configuration. Once integrated, initiate Planning Poker sessions within your team by using the **Create planning poker game** workflow.


Game settings

This workflow allows you to configure permissions for adding issues and revealing cards as desired.

Add issue

This workflow allows you to introduce tasks or stories into your planning poker game.

Remove issues

This workflow removes issues from a Planning poker game.

View participants

This workflow displays the participants who are estimating the issue.


This workflow facilitates the re-entry of an issue into the estimation process.

Listen final estimation set event

This workflow runs when a final estimation is set using an external application.

Select cards

This workflow empowers participants to choose their estimation value for an issue.

Create game

This workflow initiates a new planning poker game.

Add issues from external applications

This workflow adds issues from external applications.

End game

This workflow closes the game and archives its channel.

Listen game created event coming from external app

This workflow runs when a Planning poker game is created using an external application.

Create game from an external app

This workflow initiates a new planning poker game calling from an external app.

Delete table records

This workflow deletes game records from tables.

Skip issue

This workflow allows estimations to be entered later in the game.

Start game

This workflow initiates a new planning poker session.

Reveal cards

This workflow unveils all the estimations provided for an issue.

Send issues to the game channel

This workflow sends tasks or user stories into your planning poker game.

Game reports

This workflow generates game reports.

Set final estimation

This workflow enables setting the final estimation decided upon after the issue's estimation to the issue itself.

Move on to the next issue

This workflow shows you the next issue that needs estimation.

Estimation distribution of an issue

This workflow monitors how many times people provide various estimations for an issue.

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