Other use cases

Closed reason missing

Sales manager and AE to get notified in Slack when no reason is presented after a deal is closed in HubSpot.

What's it for?

Whether it is a win or loss, enable your team to enter a reason of how they closed the deal as soon as they close it.

How it works

Actioner notifies the sales manager and deal owner when a deal is closed with a missing reason. Closed reason, while relating to sales that you were able or unable to successfully complete, means a lot more than won or lost customers. The closed reason allows you to track progress, look at what you did best, or what you did wrong, and learn from it and improve your strategies. Sales manager can use this opportunity to give coaching feedback and remind the sales team to update records with the proper closed reasons.

Typical results from using Actioner's Slack-first sales automation with HubSpot include more accurate forecasting, increased deal velocity, time savings, and greater visibility across your organization.

HubSpot event

Deal property changed

Suggested actions

  1. Update close reason
  2. Add note

Some other handy workflows

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use this app with a different CRM other than HubSpot?

This app is particularly designed for HubSpot, but you can easily adapt it to work with any other CRM with public APIs. Add a new connection for your tool, and update the actions and workflows accordingly.

Our sales process includes more tools. Can I also use them via Actioner?

You can use as many tools as you want with Actioner as long as they have public APIs. You can create new connections, actions, and workflows that send data from your own tools and combine them with the existing CRM app.

Is it possible to use this app for only specific use cases?

Yes! You can disable or delete the actions that you do not want to get notifications for.