How to log activity on HubSpot records in Slack

Learn how to log meetings, calls, and emails to your HubSpot records through Slack. Let's see how easy and fast it is with Actioner.

A record is a single instance of HubSpot CRM objects; contacts, companies, deals, and tickets. You can log activities for these standard or custom records. For a certain record, HubSpot allows you to log activity on records such as meeting, call, and email.

Unfortunately, HubSpot's Slack app does not allow you to log activity on your records. But don't worry. It is possible and easy with Actioner!

Log activity on HubSpot records with Actioner

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Below are the steps to log a meeting:

  1. Click (+) icon in the text box. Select Run workflows with Actioner.
  2. Or call Actioner app by typing /actioner.

Attention: You need to install the free Actioner's HubSpot app.

  1. Type the workflow you want to execute in the Select workflow field and choose the workflow from the dropdown menu. In this case, it could be Log a meeting to deal Click Select.
  2. Choose the Meeting and the Deal you want to log meeting to.
  3. Select the conversation you want to post the result on and click Log.

There are no limits on how you use HubSpot in Slack with Actioner

What Actioner provides is beyond what you can do with HubSpot's Slack app. You can run any HubSpot workflow with Actioner on Slack.
Choose what you want to do with Actioner:

  • Install HubSpot app for pre-built workflows or check out other apps (Zendesk, Jira, etc.) in the app directory.
  • Design your own HubSpot workflows for Slack without any coding.
  • Get notified of HubSpot updates in Slack via Actioner.
  • Build your own Slack apps easily with Actioner.

No matter which workflow you want to run in Slack, it is possible with Actioner.

Start using Actioner now.

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