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How to associate HubSpot records in Slack

Learn how to associate HubSpot records with each other right in Slack. Quickly associate deals with contacts, companies with tickets, and more with Actioner.

Contacts, companies, deals, and tickets are standard objects in HubSpot CRM. And the instances of your contacts, companies, deals, and tickets are your records. HubSpot records can be associated with each other for more meaningful CRM data.

According to your needs, you may want to associate different combinations of records, such as associate a contact to a company, associate a ticket to a company, or associate contact to a deal. No matter which one you're trying, there are two ways to add an association to HubSpot records in Slack:

  1. Associate records via HubSpot Slack app »
  1. Associate HubSpot records via Actioner in Slack »

Associate records via HubSpot Slack app

Follow the steps below to associate records with each other via HubSpot Slack app.

  • First, you should find the record you want to associate with. Click the text box's Attachments & shortcuts (+) icon. Select Search with HubSpot. Or just use one of the HubSpot Slack slash commands; /hs-search-company.
  • Select the record type from the dropdown menu (contact, company, deal, ticket, task).
  • If you click on Search without filling any field, only up to 3 contacts will be shown. So, you need to fill in some fields in the form to find the exact record. Beware that these fields do not allow selection through the dropdown.

Tired already? Try the other way »

  • After you find the record, click Add association workflows.
  • You will see the record types you can associate written as Associate a [record].
  • Click on the Select a [record] and type which record you want to associate. Unfortunately, you can't see auto-complete suggestions unless you type at least 3 characters.
  • Choose from the auto-complete record names.

Associate HubSpot records via Actioner in Slack

To associate HubSpot records with each other in Slack, a much more effortless way is possible with Actioner. You don't need to first search for records or fill some fields to find a record. Instead, you just select the records you want to associate, and that's all.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Call Actioner app by typing /actioner.

Attention: You need to install the Lead management with HubSpot app.

  1. Type which workflow you want to execute in the Select workflow field and choose the workflow from the dropdown menu. In this case, it could be Create association between contact and company. Click Select.
  2. Select the contact and company.
  3. You can also choose to make this connection primary.
  4. Click Create. And ta-da!

What else can you do with Actioner?

Running workflows in Slack with Actioner is a no-brainer. Actions are not limited to associating HubSpot records; you can literally execute any action in your Slack workspace. Use the HubSpot app or check out other apps (Zendesk, Jira, etc.) built by the Actioner in the app directory.

No matter which work apps are in your tool stack, use them all in Slack via Actioner

In case you have any questions, feel free to write us through our Slack community.

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