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Top 5 Kudos apps for Slack in 2024 to boost team spirit

Find out the best Kudos app for your Slack workspace. Here we've listed the top 5; Kudos, Kudos Gem, Kudos®, HeyTaco! and Karma. Read now to decide!

Let's face it: everyone craves recognition. The human touch turns a group of individuals into a cohesive team. 

In the bustling world of digital workspaces, a simple 'good job' can get lost in the avalanche of daily messages. 

That's where kudos apps transform appreciation into visible, memorable moments in Slack.

Best Slack Kudos apps

A well-timed kudos can not only brighten someone's day but also propel a team towards unparalleled synergy and productivity. 

Here, we explore the best kudos apps on Slack that can transform how you celebrate achievements and cultivate a positive company culture:

  1. Kudos
  2. Kudos by Actioner
  3. Kudos®
  4. HeyTaco!
  5. Karma

1. Kudos

Kudos is a simple app for coworker recognition with limited features.

How Kudos works:

1. First, you set the kudos limits for each day and the responding emoji.

2. You can reward a coworker with your chosen emoji: @kudos @username. Great job today! Couldn't have done it without you. :emoji:

3. Kudos sends you and the recipient a notification and updates the leaderboard, giverboard, and statistics.

Kudos welcome message
Kudos welcome message

Kudos pricing

Karma has a 30-day free trial, which costs $1.00/mo per active user.

2. Actioner Kudos

Kudos is built on Actioner platform solely for use in Slack. 

How Kudos by Actioner works:

It’s pretty easy to using Kudos;

  1. You just need to install it to your Slack workspace.
  2. You can later start giving kudos in 3 different ways to your coworkers with a daily limit of 5;
    1️⃣ React with 💎 emoji to your coworker’s message
    2️⃣ Mention a coworker in a channel and include gems you wish to give 💎 in your message.
    3️⃣ Run Give kudos workflow in Slack, select the user and number of gems.
  3. You can also check out your kudos count anytime in Slack running My kudos 💎 workflow.
  4. Gem scoreboard also showcases the kudos tally for each team member helping you to foster a competitive yet collaborative team spirit.

3. Kudos®

Kudos® enables instant appreciation that feels personal and genuine. With Kudos®, employees receive meaningful recognition in Slack.

How Kudos® works:

  1. First, you must create an account and integrate it with Slack, which is time-consuming. You can find the instructions here. 
  2. After successful integration; team members can then use the /Kudos command to send recognition to a coworker in Slack.
  3. A dialogue box appears, guiding the sender through the process, allowing them to choose a recipient, type a message, select the level of recognition, and attach Kudos Qualities.
  4. Once the sender submits, the recognition is shared with the recipient on Slack

Kudos® pricing

Karma has a 30-day free trial, which costs $1.00/mo per active user.

4. HeyTaco!

HeyTaco is another app that encourages frequent and public acknowledgment of small wins and significant accomplishments in Slack.

How HeyTaco! works:

  1. To initiate recognition with HeyTaco, team members mention a colleague's username, write an appreciative message, and include a taco emoji in their Slack message.
  2. Each person has a limit of 5 virtual tacos they can give out daily, encouraging daily recognition for various achievements.
  3. The HeyTaco app tracks these taco awards, contributing to a culture of recognition and positivity within the team.
  4. Once given, the tacos serve as a visual token of appreciation, adding to the recipient's tally.

HeyTaco pricing

Karma has a 30-day free trial, which costs $3.00/mo per active user.

5. Karma

Karma also allows peers to give kudos easily, encouraging a recognition habit and ensuring no good deed goes unnoticed. 

How Karma works:

  1. Karma allows team members to give "karma" points to their peers for their contributions by using the ++ notation after the user’s name in the message or by using Send karma shortcut.
  2. To give more points or higher recognition, users can add the number of points before the ++ sign—for example, @ryan 5++ for being awesome.
  3. These karma points can also be given to an entire channel to recognize collective efforts, using the channel name before the ++ sign and the number of points​ or using Send @channel karma shortcut. 
Send Karma in Slack
Send Karma in Slack

Karma pricing

Karma has a 30-day free trial, which costs $2.97/mo per active user.

Enhance coworker appreciation with Slack Kudos apps

In an era where digital recognition is becoming increasingly essential, integrating the right kudos app into your Slack workspace can make all the difference. 

A Kudos app brings a personal touch to your team's accomplishments and fosters a culture of positivity and mutual respect to drive motivation and productivity. 

Choose the best kudos app for your team and watch as everyday achievements become milestones of collective success.

For more Slack apps to improve company culture in Slack, check out Actioner App directory.

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