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New GitHub PR app features to boost your productivity in Slack

Collaborate on code, approve and merge pull requests, and run workflows directly within Slack – Read to learn enhancements on GitHub PR app now 👉

Actioner has always been dedicated to streamlining your development workflows, and with our two applications designed specifically for GitHub users, this process has become even more efficient. 

GitHub Actions workflows and the GitHub Pull Request management apps have transformed how developers handle code deployment and PR activities directly from Slack. 

Today, we're thrilled to announce significant improvements to our GitHub PR app to elevate your experience and productivity.

So, what's new with the GitHub PR app?

The recent upgrade to the GitHub PR is nothing short of a game-changer. With these enhancements, the post-merge workflow becomes a breeze. You can now trigger GitHub Actions immediately after your pull request is merged without leaving the comfort of Slack. 

Impact and purpose:

These improvements are designed with you in mind. The PR owner can seamlessly continue the deployment process without switching platforms by enabling GitHub Actions to be run within the Slack environment post-merge. 

This convenience is further supported by the cross-platform notification system, ensuring that you stay informed and responsive to every mention, no matter where it occurs.

The user experience transformed:

Prior to this upgrade, while our GitHub PR app facilitated the merging of pull requests in Slack, deployment actions required a visit to GitHub's interface.
Now, irrespective of your location or device, initiating deployment or other GitHub Actions post-merge is as simple as a single click, even from your phone.

Run GitHub workflows in PR channel
Run GitHub workflows in PR channel

Communication has also seen a significant upgrade. Previously, comments made in Slack for a PR would not mention users on GitHub, leading to potential oversights. With our latest update, comments are synced, meaning important discussions will never pass by unnoticed.

Dedicated PR channel in Slack
Dedicated PR channel in Slack

Access and requirements:

To take advantage of these new features, users should first ensure they are using the latest version of our GitHub PR app. If not, you can use the Update available button to automatically get the latest updates and apply the new features to your workflows.

For those looking to utilize GitHub Actions within Slack, installing the GitHub Actions app in your workspace is a must.

As a final note

At Actioner, we are committed to continuously enhancing your development workflow. These improvements to our GitHub PR app are a testament to that commitment, providing a seamless, integrated experience that keeps pace with your dynamic work environment. 

For the latest updates and insights, join the Actioner Slack community. Embrace the change, and watch your productivity soar!


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