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Streamline software development workflows with Actioner-powered Slack channels

Learn how to streamline software development with Actioner-powered Slack channels for reviewing pull requests, broadcasting new commits, and tracking deployments.

In the ever-evolving world of software development, staying organized and on top of the latest updates can be challenging. With multiple stakeholders, reviewers, and assignees involved in the development process, it's crucial to have a single source to collaborate and communicate effectively. 

That's where Actioner comes in - with innovative solutions that streamline the software development process through dedicated Slack channels. 

Let’s see how to manage different but aligned processes in software delivery in Slack.

Pull request review channels to merge faster

Every development team has the same nightmare;

Stale pull requests.

They delay the progress of a project, as the changes they represent are not merged into the main codebase,  causing a bottleneck in the development process and slowing down your team’s overall pace of work. 

As time passes, it gets harder for you to merge them since your codebase has changed and your team has added new features. 

Sometimes the changes you expected don't release or are skipped off the release. Undoubtedly, this is frustrating and demotivating for your team, as they may feel like their work is not valued or they are not making progress. 

So, why do you have stale pull requests?

If you’ve prioritized them correctly, there is no need to overthink;

You probably have communication breakdowns between developers, reviewers, and project managers. Your team overlook or forgot to review PRs. And your review process assumably is inadequate or not well-defined, causing PRs to be left open for longer than necessary.

But no worries, we have your back!

A well-organized PR review process helps your team to communicate and collaborate more effectively, quickly merge PRs, and ensure the code being added to the main branch meets the necessary standards and specifications while your team stays motivated and productive. 

Faster PR reviews mean super duper fast shipping velocity!

No matter which Git client you use, we’ve developed solutions for each to review Pull requests in Slack! You’ll eradicate stale PRs using Actioner-powered ephemeral Slack channels for each PR review. Each stakeholder, assignee, and reviewer will collaborate seamlessly in real time. 

Through integrating Slack with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, you'll receive notifications of all PR details, comments, and check-suit results directly in Slack. You will never need to switch between Git client and Slack to look up comments, check whether the assignee has seen the review, etc.  

Once a PR is closed, your PR channel will get archived, giving your team a sense of accomplishment and increased productivity. This feature is especially useful for development teams working on multiple projects simultaneously. With the ephemeral channels, you can easily track the progress of each PR review and stay focused on the task at hand.

PR management apps

Select the PR review app that seamlessly integrates with your tool, and install it from the Actioner app directory. Start collaborating on Pull requests in Slack right away.

GitHub PR management

GitLab PR management 

Bitbucket PR management 

Broadcast channels to keep branches up-to-date

Your developers have reviewed and merged the pull request. So what’s next?

📣You need to spread the news at some point. Because, if your team does not keep their branches up-to-date, it can lead to a number of issues that can negatively impact the development process and the final product. 

Especially when multiple developers are working on the same codebase, it can result in merge conflicts when they eventually try to merge their changes together. Or their code can become out of sync with the rest of the project, leading to inconsistencies and potential bugs. Over time, this can result in the development of separate code paths, making it harder to maintain and update the codebase. It can delay the testing and deploying of new features and bug fixes, as these updates cannot be tested until they are merged into the main branch.

And puff, disaster! 💨

So, I guess we're on the same page; You must keep your developers up-to-date regarding the latest changes and updates in the codebase.

We know you’re thinking, “How will I accomplish that?”

There’s a simple solution; designated broadcast channels in Slack. You’ll get started by finding and installing the PR management app in Actioner App directory tailored for your Git client, whether it is GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket. And when you’re ready to set up, you’ll create a broadcast channel to constantly monitor commits to the primary branch.

As soon as a PR is merged, you'll receive a notification in the broadcast channel, along with a link to compare the changes made to the codebase. As a result, you will be able to avoid conflicts.

This broadcast channel will be your vital resource for development teams working on various branches. You’ll make sure that they are always informed of the most recent alterations, minimizing the possibility of clashes before submitting their PRs. 

You’ll observe results beneficial for teams working on extensive projects with multiple branches, promoting efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors or delays.

PR management apps

Select the PR management app that seamlessly integrates with your tool, and install it from the Actioner app directory. Start tracking code changes in Slack right away.

GitHub PR management

GitLab PR management 

Bitbucket PR management 

Deployment channels to track CI CD status

CI CD tools such as GitHub workflows and Bitbucket pipelines allow developers to automate various tasks related to building, testing, and deploying their code.

Developers sometimes run pipelines manually, or a certain event automatically triggers them. When a workflow is run, your entire team should be aware of it, so they won’t perform tasks inconsistently or skip certain tasks altogether, causing errors or inconsistencies in the codebase.

If your team does not have visibility over the status of different tasks or processes in the CI CD pipeline, they may not receive feedback on their work in a timely manner, or to prioritize their work effectively. This can lead to delays in the development process and slow down the overall pace of deployment.

And if they cannot detect issues in the development pipeline, they may inadvertently introduce errors into the codebase, resulting in longer debugging cycles and increasing the risk of issues in production.

In order to avoid this,

We have developed apps for GitHub Actions workflows and Bitbucket pipelines that are ready to use in Slack! 

Actioner provides contextual notifications to keep your team updated on pipeline runs. You can select your preferred Slack channels to receive updates on different workflow statuses and get a direct Slack message whenever a workflow is triggered in your CI CD tool or Slack.

You can track the live status of each individual job, whether it succeeds or fails, in one place under the thread message that shows the status of the triggered workflow. Actioner allows your team to stay updated on the progress of their workflow runs, regardless of their location or time zone. They can take appropriate actions in real time, reducing the chances of errors and delays in the deployment process.

Using Actioner solutions, you can bring a game-changer experience for your team looking to streamline their development and deployment process without leaving Slack.

Continuous integration and delivery apps

Select the CI & CD app that seamlessly integrates with your tool, and install it from the Actioner app directory. Start tracking the status of your pipeline in Slack.

GitHub Actions workflows

Bitbucket pipelines


So, that’s how you can deliver software fast with Actioner-powered Slack channels.

We’ve developed such solutions based on best practices. But we’re aware that it differs how work flows for each unique team.  

Have you tried to streamline software delivery using Slack channels? 

In that case, how did it go?

Do you have some unique use cases? 

We believe we can make it real using Actioner.

Let’s join our community and let us know your use cases or if you need any help. 

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