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Streamline incident management with Actioner-powered war Rooms

Integrate PagerDuty & Slack for real-time collaboration, custom workflows & smart notifications. Improve incident response with Actioner-powered incident war rooms.

Incident management success relies on effective communication. During critical incidents, clear and quick communication is vital to minimize confusion and misinformation. Responders and interested parties should have a place to gather information about the root cause, communicate and collaborate with each other throughout the process and follow the progress for each stage. 

This results in better decision-making and faster resolution, which can maintain stakeholders, customers, and the public's trust and confidence.

What is an incident war room?

An incident war room plays a crucial role in managing critical incidents. It serves as a coordination hub for relevant stakeholders, including senior leadership, IT, and communication teams, to collaborate in real time and respond effectively. A well-structured war room reduces miscommunication, aligns all team members, and enables quick access to information, past decisions, and incident updates.

How does an Actioner-powered incident war room work?

Actioner integrates PagerDuty and Slack seamlessly, automating the entire process of creating a war room channel, setting names, and inviting participants.

  1. Each time a PagerDuty incident occurs, Actioner automatically creates a Slack channel. The channel name includes the incident number and title for quick reference.
  2. Incident responders, assignees, and other relevant stakeholders are invited to join the Slack channel automatically.
  3. In the war room, stakeholders can quickly get up to speed on the incident with a summary of the context.
  4. The war room is in real-time sync with the PagerDuty incident, allowing stakeholders to receive notifications of all updates throughout the incident's lifecycle.
  5. Slack notifications sent to the war room include smart action buttons that allow incident response teams to manage the incident directly from Slack, such as adding responders or updating the incident.
  6. Actioner also sends smart reminders to the war room, reminding follow-up tasks in Jira or writing post-mortems after incident resolution.
  7. During the incident, stakeholders also receive posats with helpful tips, such as best practices for handling incidents and writing post-mortems.
  8. With Jira integration, follow-up tasks can be created easily once the incident is resolved.

Slack-first incident and on-call management

The workflows and actions in this app are fully customizable, allowing you to set conditions for creating a war room, customize quick action buttons, and more. Tracking the timeline of an incident is easier in the war room, as Actioner automatically sends all incident updates to the war room for all participants to see.

Install Slack-first incident and on-call management with PagerDuty from the app directory and start collaborating in Actioner-powered war rooms today. You can also check other Slack-first incident management use cases!

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