Bitbucket pull request management

Track and manage the lifecycle of Bitbucket pull requests directly in Slack.

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Actioner brings **Bitbucket pull request management** to Slack and boosts the productivity of DevOps teams by giving them the right tools to collaborate on PRs. Get alerted of open PRs, merge them faster, track their lifecycle through dedicated Slack channels, and automatically sync PR comments with conversations — all within Slack. Actioner brings all the informative context to smart notifications and allows your teams to take action without leaving Slack. Improve your code reviews by putting an end to going back and forth between your tools and increase engagement by managing your PR review process in Slack. ### Features - Collaborate on single-purpose Slack channels that are dedicated to each PR on connected repositories. Channel gets archived when the PR is closed. - Track pipeline runs in one place through ephemeral PR channels. - Get notified of comments added to Bitbucket PR and easily turn relative Slack messages into PR comments by emojis. - Broadcast commit events to the main branch through dedicated Slack channels. ### How it works Actioner connects to your Bitbucket & Slack and brings the best of pull request management to your teams. You can get notified of open PRs in your repos, the ones assigned to you, or the ones that you’re added as a reviewer in Slack. Actioner also allows your teams to track changes on main branches by broadcasting new commits in Slack. Most importantly, Actioner creates ephemeral Slack channels to review PRs, invites assignees and reviewers to this channel, and lets them collaborate to deliver faster and better code reviews. Your teams can track completed pipeline runs and the comments added to the PR in Bitbucket. They can easily turn conversations into comments by adding emojis to their Slack messages. When the PR is closed, the temp channel gets archived but stays accessible whenever your teams need to re-check any review.


Create pull request channel

This workflow automatically creates a dedicated Slack channel when a pull request is opened.

Send message when PR is merged

This workflow automatically sends a message to the merge request Slack channel when it is merged. Also, it notifies the PR owner with a direct message.

Notify channel when a commit is pushed to default branch

This workflow sends a message to the preselected main/master branch updates Slack channel when a new commit is pushed.

Archive channel when PR is closed

When a PR is closed or merged, this workflow sends a message that the channel will be archived and archives the Slack channel of the PR.

Approve pull request

Run this workflow to approve a pull request.

Subscribe to Bitbucket Events

This workflow creates a webhook on Bitbucket to subscribe to the pull request events from a selected repository. If you want to subscribe to events from multiple repositories, you can re-run this workflow.

Delete branch

This workflow deletes a Bitbucket branch.

Onboard users who joined master push channel

When a user joins to PR updates channel, this workflow sends a direct message to the user from Slack. The message describes how to connect Bitbucket with Actioner and how to use the pull request review app.

Send Message when PR Comment is added

This workflow automatically sends a message to the PR's dedicated Slack channel when someone posts a comment.

Add comment to pull request with pin emoji

This workflow is triggered when the pin emoji is put on a message in a dedicated pull request channel. The message content is automatically added to the pull request as a comment.

List open pull requests

This workflow lists the open pull requests on Bitbucket.

Archive PR channel

This workflow archives the given Slack channel.

Send message when PR is approved

This workflow automatically sends a message to the dedicated Slack channel when the PR is approved.

Send message when pipeline hook is received

Sends a thread message whenever a pipeline associated with a PR is completed.

Merge pull request

Run this workflow to merge a Bitbucket pull request.

Set PR update channel

This workflow creates a channel on Slack with a given prefix. (#-bitbucket-main-pushes) Anyone who joins this channel will receive an onboarding message from Actioner to explain how to connect GitHub. Also, when a commit is pushed to the main branch, a message will be sent to this channel to notify your team.

Comment on a pull request

Run this workflow to add a comment on a Bitbucket pull request.

Send message when changes requested

This workflow automatically sends a message to the PR's dedicated Slack channel when someone requests changes on the PR. Also, PR owner is notified with a direct message.

Invite pull request reviewers to PR channel

This workflow invites pull request reviewers to the PR channel.



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