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Send reminders to non-respondents

Remind your coworkers to respond to a poll in Slack

What’s it for

When you require essential responses to a significant question, the act of personally contacting individuals can become a source of considerable stress. Actioner alleviates this burden for you. You'll no longer need to continuously monitor and disturb individuals to garner poll responses. With just a straightforward button click, you can effortlessly dispatch reminders to all users who have yet to participate in your poll.

How it works

  1. After you post a poll successfully, you can easily send reminders to all user who haven’t submitted their responses from Settings.
  2. In poll settings, you need to click the Send reminder button. 
  3. In the prompted view, you can select whom to send a notification to.
  4. If you select Send reminder to channel members, Actioner only sends notifications to the channel members who haven’t submitted their response.
  5. If you select Send reminder to all users in workspace, Actioner sends a notification to all users in the Slack workspace who haven’t submitted their response.

How to get started

  1. Install the Poll app from Actioner App directory.
  2. Connect your Slack workspace.
  3. After the app setup is completed, you can start using the Poll app in Slack by calling Actioner (type /actioner) and selecting the workflow Create a poll.

Some other handy workflows

Conduct polls in Slack

Choose the ideal poll type and launch instant polls in Slack.


Ready-to-use poll templates

Utilize a library of poll templates for Slack


Save polls as templates

Save polls as templates in Slack to run them whenever you need.


Your gateway to seamless automation

Actioner turns the complex into simple, allowing you to connect apps and automate workflows on a grand scale, faster and easier than ever.

Frequently asked questions

Unable to create polls using the poll/ keyword

Ensure that Actioner is added to the Slack channel where you're attempting to create the poll. Remember, Actioner can only interact with public channels. Additionally, you don't need to message the intended poll channel directly; create a separate channel, invite Actioner, and during poll confirmation, you can specify the channel where the poll will be posted.

Can I close a poll ahead of the scheduled time?

Absolutely. Once your poll is live, navigate to Settings and select Close the Poll to end it manually.

Is it possible to post a scheduled poll immediately?

Yes, you can. When a poll is scheduled, you'll receive a DM from the Poll app with details and options to Post the poll now or Cancel the poll. Click Post the poll now to share it ahead of the scheduled time.

Why can’t I make responses anonymous for Emoji polls?

Emoji polls record responses through visible emojis, and Slack does not currently support hiding the identities of emoji responders. Hence, anonymity isn't an option for emoji polls.

Why does the emoji poll have a warning about emoji spamming?

The Poll app takes around 2 seconds to log an emoji vote. If you send another emoji during this window, it could invalidate both responses. To prevent this, please wait a few seconds between sending emojis in polls.

Is there a limit on the number of custom poll templates I create?

No, there's no limit. Feel free to create as many custom poll templates as you need.

Is it possible to change the poll settings after it has been created?

Yes; when your poll is successfully posted, you can change poll settings through Settings and then Edit Poll buttons. You can update the closing time of your poll, anonymity settings, and multiple response options.

How do I select people to respond to a poll?

Currently, there is no setting in the Poll app that blocks people from responding to a poll but you can create a new channel for your poll to send and invite only the people whom you want to submit their responses to your poll.

Can I have multiple questions on a single poll?

At this time, you can't, but we will implement that feature in a future update.

Can I use Actioner Poll for free in Slack?

Yes, Actioner Poll is entirely free for users. You can get started right away.