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Request feedback from your coworkers

Discover how Actioner streamlines peer feedback in Slack for personal and professional growth, enabling easy requests and seamless communication.

What’s it for

In a dynamic work environment, employees often seek feedback for various reasons: to gauge their performance on a recent project, to understand how their behavior or communication style is perceived by peers, to gain insights for career development, or to receive guidance on specific skills they are trying to improve. 

The desire for feedback is typically driven by a proactive approach to personal and professional growth, the need for constructive criticism to enhance work quality, or the urge to align more closely with team and organizational goals.

Actioner allows you to easily request feedback from your coworkers in Slack for your personal development.

How it works

  1. Call the Actioner app in Slack (Type /actioner in the message box and hit Enter.)
  2. Locate Ask feedback workflow. Select whom you want to receive feedback from. 
  3. You will be notified - a straightforward process to seek valuable insights.

How to get started

All you need to do is to install Peer feedback from Actioner app directory and connect to your Slack workspace. After successful connections, you can give your coworkers feedback whenever you want.

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Actioner turns the complex into simple, allowing you to connect apps and automate workflows on a grand scale, faster and easier than ever.

Frequently asked questions

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