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Inform your users or customers easily about outages and scheduled maintenance without leaving Slack.

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Actioner's **Statuspage app** allows you to inform your customers or users about outages and scheduled maintenance without leaving Slack. No matter if you are managing a public or a private status page, with Actioner you can now quickly take any Statuspage workflows in Slack. ### Features - Create incidents and maintenances, update them when the incident is identified or resolved. - Get the list of past or ongoing incidents. - View all upcoming maintenances. ### How it works Actioner connects your Statuspage account and brings statuspage updates to your Slack. You can run any Statuspage action in Slack by calling Actioner app. Your teams can view upcoming maintenances or past incidents or unresolved ones. They can create incidents or maintenances or update them as the incident resolution progresses. It's simple enough to get up and running. Install Actioner's Statuspage app, connect your Statuspage and start running Statuspage workflows in Slack.


Create incident

Run this workflow to create a new incident in your Statuspage.

Unresolved incidents

This workflow lets you list the open incidents in your Statuspage.

Upcoming maintenances

Run this workflow to see upcoming scheduled maintenances in your Statuspage.

Active maintenances

This workflow allows you to list the active maintenances in your Statuspage

Incident details

This workflow allows you to view an incident's details.

Update an incident

This workflow allows you to update the status of an incident.

All incidents

Run this workflow to get all incidents in your Statuspage.



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