Continuous Integration & Deployment

Keep track of and easily interact with your CI/CD pipeline in Slack to approve, merge and deploy your changes.

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When you install this app and run setup actions during installation, it will - Create a dedicated Slack channel to inform your team when there is a new commit in your main branch. - Create new Slack channel when a new PR is opened and invite relevant users into the channel. - Send **actionable** message to PR Slack channel when your CI tests complete, reviewer is assigned to pull request, comment is added, pull request approved & merged in GitHub. Users will be able to take actions directly from the Slack message to approve & merge the PR and start the deployment. When the deployment starts, we inform the user about the progress i.e. deployment started, completed/failed etc. This app utilizes GitHub API and listens GitHub events along with AWS CodeDeploy events. We listen CodeDeploy events to keep track of the deployment progress which integrates with AWS ECS service that we use for our deployments. *It is not mandatory to use CodeDeploy to use this app.* **Installation Guide** 1. Run following setup actions when you install the app. 1. Run "Create Webhook in GitHub" action. It will copy "GitHub Events Listener" Workflow URL to your GitHub account's webhook page under settings to listen "**Pull requests**", "**Pull request reviews**", "**Workflow Runs**", "**Check Suites**" events. 2. Run "Send Onboarding Message" action. It will send an onboarding message to the selected Slack channel for other developers to get started to use this app. 3. *(Optional)* Run "Add Repository Deployment Mapping" action for each GitHub repository that you will use this app with for deployments as well. If you will not make any release/deploy with any repository, you can skip this step. 4. *(Optional)* Run "Add AWS Account Mapping" action for each AWS account that you will use this app with. 2. *(Optional)* Go to AWS Console. Open EventBridge. Create a new rule. Enter a name for your rule and select *default* as **event bus**. Select *Rule with an event pattern* and then hit next. Select *AWS events or EventBridge partner events* as **event source**. In the **Event pattern** section select *Custom patterns(JSON editor)* and paste the following event pattern and click next. `{ "source": ["aws.codedeploy"], "detail-type": ["CodeDeploy Deployment State-change Notification"] }` Select *EventBridge API destination* as the target type and create a new *Create a new API destination*. Copy "ECS Service Deployment State Event Listener" Workflow URL to **API destination endpoint** field. Select *POST* as **HTTP method**. Select *Create a new connection* in **Connection** section. Select *API Key* as **Authorization type**. Enter *Test* as API key name and value. Select *Create a new role for this specific resource* as **Execution role** and click next and finish the steps then click **Create rule**.


GitHub Events Listener

Listen GitHub events i.e. pull request is assigned, approved, merged, check suites started/completed, workflow triggered/completed.

Add review

This action allows you to Approve or Submit comment or Request changes for a selected pull request. When it's successfully executed, you can easily access the pull request.

Release & Deploy

Start the release & deployment for the selected repository according to repository & deployment mapping. You need to run "Add Repository Deployment Mapping" action for the selected repository to run this action.

Onboard User to App

When a new user joins to GitHub updates channel, send instructions how to use this app.

Add AWS account mapping

Map your AWS account id - name pair so that deployment messages show environment information when a deployment is started when ECS deployment event is received.

Add repository deployment mapping

Define deployment GitHub action mapping per repository if there is any. If you will not make any release/deploy with the repository, you do not need to run this setup action.

Merge pull request

Run this action to merge pull requests into a base branch. You can directly Create a merge commit or Squash and merge or Rebase and merge.

Create webhook in GitHub

Create webhok in GitHub for selected repository for GitHub workflow in this app.

Onboard New Users

When a new user joins to GitHub updates channel, send instructions how to use this app.

Setup Slack channel

This action creates a new Slack channel and sends a Slack message to help your team to connect their GitHub accounts quickly containing instructions to get started using this app. This channel will be used when new commits are pushed to main branch of tracked repositories with this app.

Check suite completed

When a pull request is approved, this action is triggered via GitHub pull request event listener workflow.

ECS Service Deployment State Event Listener

Listen ECS service deployment state events

Send message when discussion comment is added

This action automatically sends a message to the dedicated pull request channel, when a comment is added to pull request.



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