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Chaos to Clarity: Supernova’s path to customer excellence

Want to streamline Zendesk ticket management in Slack? Learn how Supernova revolutionized support with Actioner for enhanced efficiency and SLA monitoring.

Supernova embarked on a journey to revolutionize their customer service through Actioner, aspiring to transform chaotic Slack conversations into organized Zendesk tickets. This shift, aimed at enhancing SLA monitoring and follow-ups, proved to be a road marked with unexpected challenges and learning curves. What was conceived as a straightforward plan evolved into an enlightening, real-world application of theory to practice.

Meet Tamara Keratishvili, a dedicated Customer Support Lead at Supernova. She navigates through the bustling channels of Slack with precision, ensuring that every customer query is meticulously addressed. 

Despite her commitment, Tamara faced significant challenges. Customers often did not receive timely responses due to the high volume of queries, and tracking the progress of tickets was a cumbersome task, leading to customer dissatisfaction and operational inefficiencies.

Her discovery of Actioner in the Zendesk marketplace was a game-changer, offering seamless integration, cost-efficiency, and a suite of features like image sync and customizable CSAT options, significantly reducing reliance on emails. 

Her choice wasn't just strategic; it was transformative for Supernova's customer support landscape.

Workflow wonders: Automating for efficiency

Supernova experienced significant advancements in their workflow efficiency and effectiveness through the automation of tasks, particularly in how they managed and integrated customer communications from Slack into Zendesk.

Actioner allowed them to track their agents' performance in real-time and significantly reduced reliance on email, thanks to their strategic use of dedicated Slack channels. 

They have not only streamlined their communication process but also remained within Slack, with all necessary updates and customer interactions available directly under the ticket notification threads

Efficiency unleashed: Time and cost mastery

Supernova experienced a remarkable improvement in their response times, demonstrating a leap in team efficiency, courtesy of Actioner. 

Actioner played a pivotal role in expediting the resolution of customer issues, significantly shortening the resolution timeframe. Additionally, the transparent and flexible pricing model was a major cost-saving factor for Supernova, highlighting the financial prudence of their choice.

Feedback frontiers: Enhancing customer experience

The implementation of Actioner at Supernova brought a transformative change in collecting customer feedback. The convenience of having customers provide their feedback directly in Slack post-resolution was a game-changer. It led to a higher rate of survey responses and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, this approach also contributed to a marked reduction in the usage of other communication channels, such as emails, for resolving issues. 

Supernova's customer support system experienced a significant boost in efficiency and effectiveness, with the Actioner team providing consistent and reliable support throughout.

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Elevate your customer support experience just like Supernova did. Discover how Actioner can streamline your workflows, enhance efficiency, and enhance customer success. Don't wait to revolutionize your customer interactions! Try Conversational Ticketing with Zendesk for free!

Supernova is an end-to-end design system management platform that empowers your design and engineering teams to work better together. 

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