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Anodot's shift from Halp to Actioner for streamlined support

Seeking an alternative to Halp for managing support requests in Slack? Anodot found its solution in Actioner, transitioning to a more streamlined Zendesk Slack integration for their customer support needs.

Nadav Stoppelman, Head of Support Services at Anodot, emphasizes the importance of efficient customer inquiry management for their IT services specializing in anomaly detection. 

Anodot faced challenges in handling the influx of customer requests through Slack and organizing them into Zendesk tickets to streamline the management of approximately 250 monthly inquiries and enable seamless transitions between Slack and Zendesk for their support team.

After discovering Actioner, Nadav evaluated it as a potential replacement for their solution, Halp, which they had used for the past 2 years. They opted for Actioner due to its seamless integration between Zendesk and Slack, cost-effective pricing, timely support, and unique features; allowing agents to reply to customers directly from Slack.

Drive support through Slack threads
Drive support through Slack threads

Actioner's two-way sync functionality and flexible configuration options have facilitated smooth communication and simplified processes. This has enabled Anodot to tailor workflows and apply custom rules. Additionally, they can trigger automation, thus supporting their Zendesk automation and enhancing overall efficiency. Furthermore, Anodot has benefited from Actioner's excellent support, ensuring any queries or issues are promptly addressed.

Lightning-fast response times

Actioner's implementation resulted in 60% faster response times to customer inquiries. By seamlessly integrating Zendesk tickets with Slack conversations, their support team could swiftly identify and prioritize incoming requests. The familiar Slack interface and efficient workflow facilitated quicker responses, ensuring customer queries were promptly addressed.

Unmatched reduction in resolution time

With Actioner's assistance, Anodot witnessed a significant reduction in the time taken to resolve customer issues. The streamlined communication between Slack and Zendesk enabled their support team to collaborate more effectively and access relevant information efficiently. Actioner's customizable workflows and automation capabilities helped expedite the resolution process by routing tickets to the appropriate teams and providing real-time updates on ticket statuses.

Notable decrease in email and other channel usage

Actioner's integration of Slack and Zendesk led to a significant decrease in the reliance on email and other communication channels for issue resolution. By centralizing all customer inquiries within Slack and seamlessly converting them into Zendesk tickets, Actioner eliminated the need for manual data entry and communication fragmentation.

Savings unlocked

Actioner's cost-effective pricing structure translated into significant cost savings for their organization. By offering transparent pricing and flexible subscription plans, Actioner enabled them to optimize their support budget while still accessing essential features and support services. The efficient management of customer inquiries and the reduction in resolution times further contributed to cost savings by maximizing the productivity of their support team.

Actioner has substantially improved Anodot’s customer support experience by streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency. The responsiveness and excellent support provided by the Actioner team have been consistent, ensuring that any queries or issues are promptly addressed. 

Overall, Actioner has proven to be a valuable asset in optimizing Anodot’s support operations and delivering exceptional customer service.

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Anodot provides AI-driven, autonomous business monitoring, and cloud cost management solutions to optimize business operations and resource utilization across various cloud platforms​.

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