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Bring Typeform NPS results to your preferred Slack channel!

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This app brings Typeform NPS survey results to your preferred Slack channel.

Typeform enables you to collect valuable information from your customers and prospects. If you're looking for a simple and standardized way to measure the satisfaction score, you can design a form  with [Typeform's prebuilt NPS® survey](

This app is specifically built for a Typeform [template](

By customizing the **Message** field in the **Notify when an form is submitted** workflow step, you can get notified of any Typeform submissions in your preferred Slack channel.

### How to get started
1. [Sign up]( to Actioner and install this app.
2. Connect your Slack workspace and Typeform.
3. Run the workflow named **Get started** by entering your form ID and selecting your preferred Slack channel.


Get started

This workflow creates a new webhook in your Typeform and sends the results to the selected channel. Firrst enter your form's ID and then select the channel that NPS results will be posted to.

Notify when an NPS survey is submitted

This workflow will be triggered when an NPS survey is submitted and will send a Slack message to your preferred Slack channel.

Send message to selected channel

This workflow sends a message to selected channel when a new Typeform NPS survey is sent.



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