Jira Service Management

Respond to and resolve JSM requests quickly in Slack. Manage tasks, incidents, reported bugs, customer issue resolutions, or internal requests.

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Jira Service Management is a popular ITSM solution for all teams. Whether you are using JSM for project management, marketing, sales, or business operations, Actioner empowers you with the tools to quickly take JSM workflows in Slack. Streamline issue reports, tasks, incident management, resolution of customer issues, or internal requests by having all information and resources at your fingertips. ### Features - Create, search, open, and subscribe to JSM requests. - Update status and priority of requests quickly in Slack. - Easily assign requests to yourself or other agents. - View SLA breached and unassigned requests. ### How it works Actioner connects your JSM account and enables your teams to create, update or view JSM requests in Slack. You can run any JSM workflow in Slack by calling Actioner app. Your teams can create, search, assign, open or subscribe to requests, update them right in Slack. They can also view issues that are unassigned or the ones with breached SLAs. It's simple enough to get up and running. Install Actioner's Jira Service Management app, connect your JSM and start running JSM workflows in Slack.


SLA breaching requests

Run this workflow to list requests that time to first response or time to resolution is breached.

Request details

This workflow allows you to view the properties and comments of a single JSM issue.

Update status of a request

Run this workflow to change the status of a JSM request.

Internal note

This workflow allows you to add an internal note to an issue in JSM.

Subscribe to a request

This workflow allows you to receive notifications of the updates of a request.

Add request participants

This workflow adds participants to a customer request.

Update priority of a request

Run this workflow to increase or decrease the priority of a JSM request.

Open requests

Run this workflow to view open requests in your JSM project.

Reply to customer

Run this workflow to add a public reply to a request in JSM.

Create a request

Run this workflow to create a new request in your Jira service desk. You can create a request for yourself if you need support from your help desk or you can create a request on behalf of your customers.

Assign request

Run this workflow to assign a JSM request to a user.



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