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Enrich organization data in Slack

Get details about an organization in seconds by entering its domain without leaving Slack.

What's it for?

Enriching company info directly in Slack helps sales professionals significantly enhance their efficiency and precision in targeting potential leads. 

This integration streamlines the process of gathering and accessing critical company data, allowing for more informed and collaborative strategy development within teams. By enabling personalized outreach based on detailed insights into a company's size, industry, and key challenges, sales teams can better tailor their pitches, fostering more meaningful connections and improving the success rate of their sales efforts.

How it works

Actioner allows you to get details about a company without leaving Slack by following these steps;

  1. Type /actioner in Slack and select  Enrich organization from domain workflow 
  2. Actioner will provide the organization's available Apollo data when a viable email domain is entered into the Domain field and the Enrich button is pressed.
  3. You can also share the company info with your coworkers by selecting the channel.

How to start enriching organization data in Slack

To start enriching organization data without leaving Slack;

  1. Install the Apollo enrichment app from the Actioner App directory.
  2. Connect your Slack workspace and Apollo instance.
  3. Use /actioner command to call Enrich organization from domain workflow.
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