How to add note to HubSpot records in Slack

Learn how to add a note to your HubSpot records in Slack. Whether it's a contact, company, deal, or ticket in HubSpot, add notes to your records without leaving Slack.

HubSpot CRM has standard objects; contact, company, deal, and ticket. You also have a record, a single instance of a specific type of object, to which you can add note.

To add a note to a HubSpot record in Slack, there are two ways:

  1. Add note to a record via HubSpot Slack app Learn how »
  2. Add note to a record via Actioner HubSpot app Learn how »

Add note to a record via HubSpot Slack App

Follow the steps below to add note to a record with each other via HubSpot Slack app.

  • Write /hs-search-company (HubSpot Slack commands) in the text box or click the (+) icon in the message box and select Search with HubSpot.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the record type(contact, company, deal, ticket, task) you want to add note to.
  • HubSpot App does not help you with record searching such as listing all your records or selection through drop-down. If you click on Search without filling any field, only up to 3 records will be shown.
Tired already? Try the other way »
  • Let's say you want to add a note to a company record. After you select company as a record type, fill in at least one of the fields (company name, domain name, phone number, etc.).
  • Click Search.
  • If you found the company you're looking for, click Add note under the company info.
Add note to HubSpot record in Slack
  • Fill the text box with your note.
  • Click Save.

Add note to a HubSpot record via Actioner HubSpot app

To add a note to a HubSpot record in Slack, a much more easier way is possible with Actioner. Let's say you will run add note to company action in this scenario.

Add note to a HubSpot record in Slack

Follow the steps below.

  1. Click (+) icon in the text box. Select Run actions with Actioner.
  2. Or call Actioner app by typing /actioner.

Attention: You need to install the free Actioner's HubSpot app.

  1. Type Add note to company and click Select.
  2. Write your note, select the company, and Slack channel you want to post from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Save. And done!

What else can you do with Actioner HubSpot app in Slack?

Actioner allows you to execute any HubSpot action in Slack. Choose what you want to do with Actioner.

  • Install HubSpot app or visit app directory for other apps (Zendesk, Jira, etc.) built by Actioner team.
  • Design your own HubSpot actions for Slack.
  • Get notified of HubSpot updates in Slack via Actioner.
  • Learn how to build your own Slack apps.

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