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Tutorial app

The purpose of this app is to walk you through the basics of Actioner. Learn how workflows are created by examining the stages.

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This app introduces you to the basics of Actioner. Take a look at the stages in workflows to learn how they're created! ### How to get the most out of the tutorial app? - Check out this video for a detailed explanation of each stage. - You can connect your Zendesk and Slack accounts from the connection section on the right. You'll be able to start running workflows once you've connected your account! - For each stage, check out the descriptions workflows. Then, run workflows from Slack with /actioner command. - Once you review all the stages, start working on your own workflows!


Step 2 - Create ticket with select field

The usage of select fields in manual workflows is explained in this step. The select source is configured with static values to facilitate the process.

Step 3 - Create ticket with dynamic value

The purpose of this step is to explain the process of adding a dynamic source for a select input in manual workflows.

Step 4 - New ticket notification

Discover the fundamentals of automated workflows by exploring the Step 4. Learn how to capture events from Zendesk and run an actions in response to these events.

Step 5 - Detailed new ticket notification

Check out this step to learn the process of data transfer between workflow nodes, which helps in building a more comprehensive context.

Step 7.1 - Assign ticket

This step helps you through the process of creating a manual workflow using a simple form to assign a ticket to a Zendesk user.

Step 7.2 - Actionable new ticket notification

In the final step, you will learn how to create a workflow that triggers whenever a new ticket is generated on Zendesk. This workflow will send notifications to users through Slack. To enhance the functionality, actionable workflow buttons will be added into the Slack message, allowing users to initiate additional workflows without the need to switch tools.

Step 6 - New ticket notification with conditions

Discover how to enhance your workflows by adding logical conditions, enabling you to effectively create complex business processes.

Step 1 - Create a simple ticket

This step explains the basics of manual trigger workflows. It creates a simple form to create a ticket in Zendesk with only a subject field.



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