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Workflow logs

Learn how to view your workflow's execution history.

To view the run history of a workflow,

  1. Go to your app's Workflows tab and find the workflow you want to see logs for.

  2. Select Run history option.

Workflow logs

  1. You can view the list of your workflow's executions in the opening page.

Workflow run history

Filtering logs

Click Filter button at top left and select the option(s) to filter by time or filter by status.

Workflow logs filtering

Filter by time

You can select between below options:

  • Last hour
  • Last day
  • Last week
  • Last month

Filter by status

You can select between below options:

  • Started: Indicates that workflow execution just started and is not completed yet.
  • Successful: Indicates that all steps are run successfully
  • Discarded: Indicates that root conditions are not satisfied.
  • Skipped all steps: Indicates that none of the step conditions are satisfied or the action does not exist or is disabled even if the step conditions are satisfied.
  • Stopped: Indicates that the step condition is satisfied but the action could not be run successfully.

Workflow logs details

Once you select an entry, you can see details of

  • Payload of the event that triggered the workflow

Workflow logs payload

  • Root conditions and how they are evaluated when the workflow started to run

Workflow logs root conditions

  • Step executions in the order they are added to the workflow

Workflow logs steps

Step statuses in workflow logs

  • PENDING: Indicates that the action is still pending to be run.
  • SUCCESS: Indicates that the action is successfully run.
  • DISCARDED: Indicates that the action is discarded due to unsatisfying conditions.
  • ACTION_DISABLED: Indicates that action is disabled.
  • NO_ACTION_MAPPING: Indicates that action no longer exists.
  • INVALID_TEMPLATE: Indicates that the action has invalid components.
  • ACTION_FAILURE: Indicates that action is failed to run.
  • ACTION_DELETED: Indicates that action is deleted from the app.
  • STEP_DELETED: Indicates that step is deleted.
  • STEP_TIMEOUT: Indicates a timeout error on step execution.
  • PARAMETER_MAPPING_TIMEOUT: Indicates a timeout error due to parameter mapping.