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Testing actions

Explore how to test your actions while designing them

You can test your actions while designing them. Use the input components on Input tab as a form outlay and test your action with your data.

To test an action

  1. Open your action in Design mode and Go to Inputs tab.

  2. Provide values to all or necessary inputs.

  3. Click Test action attached to Run steps.

Test action triggers all the requests of the action with the provided input values. You can see the response of a request on its Response tab.

If all required fields are filled and requests are executed successfully, Actioner automatically generates action's outputs on Outputs tab.

After testing your action, you can continue to configure inputs, outputs, requests or functions with the help of data produced as a result of your test. However, once you exit from action (close your tab or open another page), test values and results disappear from Inputs, Outputs, Requests and Functions tabs.