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Publish your app to app directory

Learn how to publish your app to app directory.

Take Actioner up another level with designing actions for your daily tasks and publish them in the app directory.

Become a publisher

New to building apps in Actioner?

If you're interested in designing an app for Actioner's app directory, but you're new to designing actions, visit action designer to learn how you can start designing your actions.

Thinking about developing apps for app directory?

To publish your app to Actioner's app directory, follow below steps:

  1. Review all of your actions carefully to ensure that they behave as expected in other workspaces and they follow best practices.

  2. Go to app directory and click Publish your app button at top right corner.

Publish your app

  1. Select the app you will be publishing to app directory. Select your app when publishing your app

  2. Enter app details: Name, Short description, Categories, Description and Contributors. App details when publishing your app

  • Provide a name to your app. You can use the app's existing name or give it a new name. Remember that the name here will be the app's listing name on directory.
  • Provide a short description for your app. The short description you provide here will be shown when your app is listed in card view.
  • Select from categories: List of available categories are *Communication and collaboration, Customer service, Developer tools, Marketing, Incident management, Office management, Productivity, Project management, Sales and prospecting, Social and entertainment and IT solutions. Please select the best matching categories.
  • Provide a description for your app. The description you provide here will be shown as your app's description on directory. It can be different than the initial description of your app. You can provide information such as customization instructions for users installing the app or use-case examples that your apps serves to.
  • Select contributors: By default, you are added as contributor. If you designed your app with your colleagues, you can add them as a contributor.
  1. Select the required connections of your app. Required connections are essential to run the actions whereas Optional connections can be skipped. Optional connections are typically referenced in actions that run in helper tools.

Required connections when publishing your app

  1. Select the setup actions to get your app working. Your setup actions should be designed for a seamless first-experience to bring the best out of your app.

Setup actions when publishing your app

Setup actions

Setup actions provide flexibility to personalize your app and share data that can be used across various actions and workflows. If you built an app for various teams, you may need to get some input from users. Or you may want to design a seamless experience by automating the starting points.

You can add setup actions:

  • To provide seamless first experience, such as by creating webhooks in external systems through API requests added to an action or create Slack channels that Actioner will send notifications to and/or listen events from.

  • When your app needs an input to get started. If you are looking to process certain events depending on the input of a user, you can add the action that takes an input from a user or users, store that data on app level and then re-use the stored info in your workflow conditions and steps.

  • To set data that do not change easily across multiple actions. Such as, an action that gets the ID of a Slack channel that your app posts notifications to.

  • If same values are repeated multiple times throughout your app. For instance, posting different notifications to a specific channel means selecting the same channel on multiple workflows. You can add an action that sets the channel from one place and updates it in multiple places.

  1. Preview your app in card view before publishing. Once you make sure that everything is ready, click Publish to complete the process.

Preview when publishing your app

Your app is now a part of the app directory! 🎉

It will be listed on a dedicated page in Actioner app directory. Actioner users can explore your app and start using it.

About publishing your app

When you publish an app, below information is completely removed from the submitted version. It means that users installing your app from app directory, will not see any of this information.

  1. All of credentials entered to connections.
  2. Users added to your app.
  3. Any date stored in your app's scope or action's context.
  4. Run history of its actions or workflows.

Publishing a new version of your app

Updating an app in directory means changing its version. Go to My published apps in directory, select the app you want to update and click Publish a new version button. Follow below steps:

  1. Select the app that you will be updating on app directory.
  2. Enter app details. By default, it shows the previously provided name, short description, categories, description and contributors on the published version.
  3. Select the required connections of your app. By default, it shows the previously selected required connections on the published version.
  4. Select the setup actions. By default, it shows the previously selected setup actions on the published version.
  5. Versioning: Select one of the below options for the version change:
    • Patch: x.x.1 version, typically used to fix small bugs and issues in existing apps Such as: Updating the app properties; workflow, action, input, output name and description changes
    • Minor: x.1.x version, typically used to add new minor features to existing apps Such as: Updating action components or workflow steps, adding or removing them
    • Major: 2.x.x version, typically used to launch a full new version of your app with new actions and workflows Such as: Updating majority of the actions with a new API version release
  6. Once you make sure that everything is ready for publishing; click Next to complete the process.

Deleting your app from directory

Navigate to your app in Actioner app directory and click Uninstall at top right corner to remove your app from app directory.


Note that the app is not removed from workspaces that it has already been installed. Please contact us for any further inquiries about deleting your published apps.