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Create your own apps for Slack

Learn how to create your own apps for Slack

Actioner is a no-code app builder that lets you integrate your toolset to work more efficiently in Slack. You can configure Actioner app in Slack to post notifications for important events, such as when a big deal enters your sales pipeline or an important customer fills in a form on your website, or a lead from one of your key accounts reaches out to your support team through a ticket, or when an incident is reported or an issue is created.

How Actioner helps you in Slack is through smart notifications with the ability to take actions both manually and automatically. This enables your teams to create and update business data right within Slack.

More than that, Actioner also lets you convert an Actioner app into your own Slack bot.

Actioner apps vs creating your own apps

Actioner offers both using Actioner app in Slack and converting any Actioner app into your own app for Slack. When you add Actioner to your Slack workspace, you can start using it without any extra effort or configuration. All you need is either to install an app from Actioner's app directory or to create your own app from scratch through Actioner's app building features.

By default, you are interacting with Actioner app in Slack. It means that

  • You are getting notifications from Actioner app in Slack through automated actions.
  • To run an action manually in Slack, you are calling Actioner app (from shortcuts menu or by typing /actioner or by clicking on an action button on a notification sent by Actioner).

Converting an Actioner app means that you can use any Actioner app in your Slack workspace with your own shortcut and command. When you create your own app for Slack from an Actioner app, you still continue to use Actioner's infrastructure but in Slack you start interacting with the app you defined.

Creating your own app requires some configuration. Let's now take a closer look at these configuration steps.

Steps to create your own app for Slack

  1. Go to My apps page and find the app that you want to convert into your own Slack app.

  2. Select Create app option.

Create Slack app

  1. Generate an app configuration token in Slack. App configuration tokens are a special type of access tokens of Slack. You will use them to create your app for Slack on your selected Slack workspace.
  • Go to App configuration tokens page.

  • Click Generate token and select the Slack workspace where you want to install your app. Then, click Generate button. Generate token

  • Click Copy button under the Access Token column. Then, paste it to Your app configuration token field in Actioner. Copied Slack access token

  1. Enter app details. App details when creating your Slack app
  • Provide a name for your app.
  • Provide a Slash command that you will use to quickly access the actions of your app.
  • Provide a short description. It will be visible on the app profile card in Slack. You can enter a short summary about what your app does.
  • Provide a long description. It will be visible on About section of your app. You can provide further details of how your app works.
  1. When all is set, click Create & install.

  2. Your app is all set! 🎉 It is installed to your Slack workspace. Finalize creating your Slack app

  3. You'll be directed to a page to allow the new app in your Slack workspace. Click Allow to continue. Allow your Slack app in Slack

After creating your own Slack app

Go to your Slack workspace and find your app under Apps menu.

About tab of your Slack app

You'll also notice a new message from your app.

→ To change your app's logo in Slack, you can visit the link in this message. You'll be directed Basic Information tab of your app in Slack.

Display information of your Slack app

→ You can call your app from Shortcuts in Slack and start running actions.

Run actions through your Slack app

→ To update your app settings, actions or workflows, you can navigate to your app on My apps page in Actioner.

→ Other changes related to your app can be done in App for Slack tab in Actioner.

Slack app tab