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Learn how to get started with Actioner's birthday app

Install birthday app from directory and start using it by connecting your Slack.


  • Actioner sends an introductory message to the Slack channel selected for birthday celebrations and a direct message to users in this channel. Your team can add their birthdays through the notifications sent by Actioner, enabling you to effortlessly collect birthdays of your co-workers in Slack.
  • You can opt out of celebrations by keeping your birthday private.
  • The time to celebrate birthdays is entirely up-to-you. You can select your preferred celebration time during setup.
  • You can select when you want to remind your team of upcoming birthdays. Actioner sends reminders to your team about upcoming birthdays, a day and a week before and lets them prepare beforehand for the big day!
  • Actioner posts a congratulatory message on your celebration channel when it's someone's birthday and lets everyone join the celebration. Actioner also kindly reminds you of your teammate’s birthday through a direct message and lets you write your message and decorate it with a GIF, or use Actioner's ready made templates!🎂

Use cases

Get started

Step 1. Install birthday

Visit this link in app directory and click Install button at top right corner.

Install birthday

Step 2. Connect to Slack

After installing the app, you'll be prompted to connect your Slack workspace.

Connect to Slack

  1. Click Connect near Slack connection.
  2. Continue with selecting your Slack workspace.

If your workspace is not available, add it by navigating to your workspace from the left menu and then go to Slack connections page and click + Add Slack workspace.

Step 3. Complete setup actions

Setup birthday

Run Get started action.

  • Select your channel and the time you want to celebrate your office birthdays.
  • Select if you want Actioner to send a welcome message to your celebrations channel and to send DM to your team about entering their birthdays.
  • Choose whether to send your team reminders about other co-workers’ birthdays on their birthday or 1 day or 1 week before.

Step 4. Finish setup guide

When all steps in setup guide are completed, app is ready to be run in Slack.