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Trigger your pipelines and workflows right in Slack, and track the status & details of each job through smart notifications.

Select the git you use and get started with orchestrating your CI/CD workflows in Slack.

Frequently asked questions

Which continuous integration & delivery tools Actioner integrates with?

Actioner app directory contains apps for GitHub Actions workflows and Bitbucket Pipelines. You can install an app in seconds and get started right away.

I need to connect with a tool that you haven’t listed. What can I do?

We develop integrations with additional products continuously. If you have a need for a specific product integration, please contact us and we’ll prioritize that integration.

Can I use this app for manually running workflows or pipelines from different repositories?

Yes, you can. If you installed GitHub Actions workflows, you can re-run Create action for GitHub workflow action; if you installed Bitbucket Pipelines, you can re-run Create action for a pipeline action by selecting your repository and your workflow or pipeline.

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