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Actioner is the only no-code platform to build Slack-first apps, supporting sophisticated business logic, human-in-the-loop (HITL) automations, a built-in database, and elastic scalability.

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Why Actioner?

Time to meet true human-in-the-loop (HITL) automations

Actioner offers sophisticated and customizable workflows that involve human judgment, decision-making and intervention, while Zapier is primarily designed for data transfer between different applications.


Bring your workflows to where you work: Slack

Actioner is the only app builder specialized for Slack. All of the workflows and automations can be run on Slack, providing real-time visibility of automations and simplified data sharing.

Unlimited flexibility, not a straight jacket

Your tools should not force you to work in one way, or run out of steam when your requirements go beyond simpler, if this then that, use cases.  Actioner is the most flexible and customizable no-code platform to streamline and automate any use case, without requiring workarounds.


Start with ready-to-use apps, customize to your heart's desire

Automate complex business processes by connecting different apps, data sources, and systems. Actioner provides pre-built Slack-first apps that you can use as-is or customize to your specific business needs, allowing you to automate tasks and workflows without coding or technical expertise.

Budget-friendly pricing that won't break the bank

Zapier may seem affordable initially, but the cost can get out of control rapidly. Actioner offers affordable and transparent pricing options, including a full featured free tier, allowing you to fully experience the platform.


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