Start managing pull requests in Slack with Actioner's Bitbucket Slack integration

Broadcast commits to main and get notified of Bitbucket pull requests in Slack. Collaborate on ephemeral Slack channels with your team!

As Actioner team, we continue building Slack-first solutions for the developer community and share them in Actioner app directory.

Actioner now integrates with Bitbucket PRs seamlessly. 🥳 

We have recently published a new app for managing Bitbucket pull requests in Slack; you can install and start using it in Slack right away. 

We hope you’ll see its added value and will enjoy using it (We had fun building it). 

Let’s have a much more comprehensive look at Bitbucket PR management solution and its use cases.

Bitbucket Slack integration for PRs

DevOps teams using Bitbucket Slack integration for PRs manage pull requests seamlessly in Slack. To collaborate and communicate during the PR review process, they use temporary Slack channels. With context-sensitive notifications, action buttons, and automated workflows, Slack becomes your engineering team's single source for anything related to pull request review.

Use cases

We created 2 use case for PR management based on what developers require most and the challenges faced when collaborating on pull requests. 

Let’s discover this app’s capabilities and how it can help your engineering team be more efficient and productive.

1. Slack notifications

For each Bitbucket PR review, Actioner creates an ephemeral Slack channel with the name of the PR and its repo.

Actioner invites assignees and reviewers automatically once a channel has been created.

As soon as a PR is opened, team members are informed of the required context. You’ll also be seeing the build status in a message thread as either "Success" or "Failed,". Inside the PR channel, assignees can manually approve and merge the pull request as well using smart action buttons.

Bitbucket comments and Slack conversations are synced in the PR channel. In order to comment on the pull request in Bitbucket, it’s enough for you to add 📌 emoji to a message sent in the dedicated PR channel in Slack. Whereas, Actioner sends new comments in Bitbucket PR as new messages in the PR channel. 

See “Bitbucket PR notifications” in action ➡️ 

2. Broadcast channel for Bitbucket commits to main

Actioner keeps your team in the loop by setting up a dedicated Slack channel to receive updates from Bitbucket. Every time a PR is merged into the main branch, a message is automatically posted in the channel with a link to view the code changes. 

This not only keeps everyone informed about deployments and the changes that are rolled out with each release, but it also helps your engineers working on branches stay up to date on the latest changes. 

See “Broadcast Bitbucket commits to main” in action ➡️ 

Let your team minimize time spent on pull request collaboration and elevate conversation with Actioner-powered Slack channels, smart notifications, and automation! Learn how to get started ➡️ 

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